Top 10 Reasons the Reminder Binder® is called the So-You-Can-Rest Planner

Top 10 Reasons the Reminder Binder® is called the So-You-Can-Rest Planner

I have 15 calendars on my phone. FIFTEEN! And yet I still have trouble keeping track of what day it is, where I’m supposed to be now…not to mention what I’ve got on tap tomorrow. And I totally missed my nephew’s birthday this year. The reminder popped up as scheduled, but I swiped it to the side and totally forgot.

Sound familiar? So goes the life of a busy mom. We all wear so many different hats, trying to keep track of them all is exhausting. Frankly, hats just don’t suit my perpetual messy bun hairstyle!

With all the amazing technology that surrounds us these days, I’ve had to abandon the digital world and return to the old-school method of writing things down. I’m amazed at how much of a difference this has made to keep me on top of my game. I went through several different planners before finding the perfect solution…the Reminder Binder®. Take it from me, these are the Top 10 reasons why you NEED a Reminder Binder® in your life, too!

#10. The mounting pile of Post-It® Notes started to fall.

Post it Note


After a while, the notes lose their stickiness – courtesy of the cat hair that inevitably finds the sticky of the sticky note. Once the note falls behind the desk there is a 50/50 chance I will remember to do that task. I may or may not have been a tad late on the electric bill…

#9. Never miss another birthday!

Dates to Remember Page


With the Dates to Remember pages you can keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. And the Nifty Gifty Checklist pages help you keep track of your gift purchases for said dates remembered. I am on my way to redeeming my Aunt of the Year status!

#8. Stickers, stickers and more stickers.

Weekly Spread with Stickers


My inner child is jumping at the chance to decorate the pages using the 361 stickers included. The fun, colorful stickers brighten up even the most mundane reminders…like paying bills!  And unlike my inner child, I will not save them for years...stick them, I WILL!  Also noteworthy is that the horizontal weekly pages have plenty of room for all my carpools, kids practices AND a few stickers to ensure my coffee date catches my eye.  Missing a coffee date is like amplified agitation...for missing an event AND an opp to caffeinate.

#7. Have planner, will travel.

Reminder Binder® on-the-go


The Reminder Binder® is an ideal size to tuck away in your purse, diaper bag, or backpack to take with you on-the-go.  For my fellow Type A's out there, actual size of the planner, including the coil, is 7.5" x 8.6" x 1.25"

#6. Keep up with your contacts.

Contact Pages


It’s happened to all of us. You trade in your phone for the latest and greatest model, get home and find your contact list is gone! Since I had all of my key contacts recorded in my Reminder Binder® it was easy to get everything loaded to my new phone.  

#5. It's easier when it's at my fingertips vs. the bottom of my purse.

Pocket Space


The Stock It Pocket in the front of the Reminder Binder® and a 2nd pocket (with the flappy that makes me oh-so-happy) in the back are perfect for storing things like receipts, coupons, event tickets, stamps and stickers.  They keep the must-haves right where I can-find.

#4. What date is Easter next year?

Holiday Pages


Hold my PSL and let me flip to the front of my Reminder Binder® to look at the holiday calendar. Two full years of holidays are right at my fingertips!  Now, to schedule our family trip around that spring holiday.

#3. 1-List, 2-List, 3-List…Store!

List Page


I used to grab any available scrap piece of paper, back of an envelope, whatever was nearby to jot down my shopping list. Reminder Binder® to the rescue! It has perforated shopping list pages so I can write down what I need, tear out the list, and shop away!  And when you needs 1-list, 2-list...more, get the FREE Digital download.  Btw, I printed 20 sheets for myself and another 20 as a little gift for my son's teacher.  Turns out she's a list-er sister, too.

#2. Month in a single view, PHEW! 

Monthly Page Spread


There are colorful tabs for each month making it easy to turn to a specific month.  (Tip:  I use the plastic bookmark included to mark the week that I'm in.) The front of each tab includes a full page to write down notes & goals for that month, followed by a full spread calendar of the month. PLENTY of space for even this girl who tends to write on the big side. 

And the #1 reason why your next planner SHOULD BE a Reminder Binder®

1. I have never slept BETTER! 

So-you-can-rest Planner by Denise Albright®
Ok, this is not me. But here's the point: using digital calendars can certainly hold the data, but what I realized is that I was still bogging my mind down with remembering what app to open to find what I needed.  While I didn't have to think about the event details, I was still burdened with where to find the details digitally.  

Being able to write things down (which I can't believe I'm actually saying this since I LOVE my iphone) helped liberate my mind enough that I could actually Rest. My. Mom Brain.   

Can you remember the last time you crawled into bed and sunk into your pillow with an Ahhhh...?  It was last night for me!

I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical at first, but holy moly, using a planner has been a game-changer. If you're looking for a Weekly-Monthly-Listy-Tabbed-So-You-Can-Rest Planner, I encourage you to get the next edition of the Reminder Binder®.  It's dated January 2021-June 2022 BUT, if you get yours now, there's a BONUS December 2020 included.  So you can close the book on 2020 all the faster!

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Contributed by Keri Kilhoffer 
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