Top 10 REAL Reasons Why Every Mom Needs a Class Keeper®

Top 10 REAL Reasons Why Every Mom Needs a Class Keeper®

class keeper school day memory keepsake binder

As a #boymom (x3), I want to reclaim my counter space without investing in a monster stack of plastic bins that will burden me for decades!  So I created the Class Keeper® School Memory Binder.  It's a creatively simply keepsake system to commemorate the "good stuff" in your child's school journey, in an easy-to-do, gratifying way. 

Everything happens for a reason.  Every mother-saving feature in this product had its reason for being included.  Here are my Top 10 reasons the Class Keeper® came to be.  I'd love to hear yours!

Class Keeper™ Easiest School Days Memory Book

10.  My kids are growing up to be jpegs.  While I may have "twin prints" of my own first day of school, my kids' school morning is somewhere between the photo of a skinned knee and a screenshot of the next recipe I fully intend to never make.

9.  The 8x10 class photos deserve to live in more than just a bin.

8.  Traditional scrapbooking should be called scrapLOOKING.  Does anyone else feel the same paralysis while staring at a blank 12x12 page?  So many tools and stickers and add-ons, yet...just...can', forget it.

Class Keeper™ Easiest School Days Memory Book

7.  You can add pages...or not.  When that grade’s pocket is full, use the bookmark as the template to punch holes into the must-keeps.  Similarly, you must also embrace the term must-throwaways.  It's okay.  We all do it.

6.  It holds all the “good stuff.”  Photograph others. Recycle the cotton-ball-construction-paper snowman.  Exercise your newly learned term, say it with me...must-throwaway!

5.  The cost of a Class Keeper® is less than .03% the cost of 12 bins + cost to move the mountain of bins to your next house.  Fold in the value of the storage real estate in your house for the 15 years and you'll find the extra funds for a least a four coastal vacays!

Class Keeper™ Easiest School Days Memory Book

    4.  Without bins, you can downsize the size of the moving truck, maybe even your house.

    3.  In 15 years, your kids won’t know what to do with the bins either.

    2.  Nowhere on the Class Keeper® does it state “preschool to college.”  Simply remove the unused sections and your kids won't know mom cut corners.  Buh-Bye mom guilt!

    And the #1 Reason Why the Class Keeper® came to be...

    1.  Research shows only 4% of baby books contain any photos.  Only 1.3% of those have handwriting in them.  Now that they're in school, you can knock out the first day spread before you can say "Buh-Bye mom guilt...Hello, Mom-of-the-Year!

      I hope I've given you reason to check out a Class Keeper® for your own kids. 
      If you have your own mother-saving reasons, do share!
      Class Keeper™ Easiest School Days Memory Book
      Class Keeper™ Easiest School Days Memory Book

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