Dad Pad® Weekly Planner Pad | 322 Stickers

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You shouldn't have to reiterate to-dos 50 times before they get done. Set him up for success!  (and you, too, of course.)

Pare down your crazy week onto a page that makes sense to your man!  He doesn't want to thumb through your packed planner any more than you want him to!

Fill-in all the week's reminders in one-place in writing...just the way most dads need it!

  • 60 weekly pages
  • 6" x 9" pad, drilled for easy hanging
  • 322 "man" task stickers to catch his eye, Umm, including "My Wife's Birthday"!*  (see complete sticker list below)
  • Sections for each day, To-Do's and "Coming up"
  • Perforated Tear Sheet to jot and trot!
  • Handy checklists on the reverse of every page

How to use the Dad Pad® to keep your household running like a well-oiled machine!

  • Highlight some key events with the 322 stickers included.
  • Note daily happenings using the time slots.
  • Complete the day’s must-do’s in the dashed checklist box.
  • Share the weekly overview including task items in the Tackle Box and prompt what’s Coming Up, like your birthday!
  • Use the To Do>>>To Done on the reverse for his busiest days or re-purpose last week’s page to use as your own to-do checklist.
  • Jot a quick errand or store list on the perforated Tear Sheet.
  • Fill-in the dates as you go with the perpetual calendar style.
  • Drilled to easily hang on a wall (like in the garage)!

My design inspiration:

Households today function like a small business.  There's scheduling, purchasing, budgeting and managing all the new recruits.  Let's be honest, we know who manages it's the She-E-O (aka female CEO) of the house!  From one fellow busy woman to another, use this pad to streamline the communication between you and your He-E-O.  Keeping him well informed about what's happening is key to your family's success.  Achieving that will save you time that can be better spent on quality time with your loved ones!

- Denise Albright, She-E-O and illustrator

Item Specifications: 

  • Actual size:  6 x 9 x .25 inches
  • Padded, Drilled with a Centered Hole