Everything you want to know about the Budget Binder™ Financial Planner

Budget Binder™ Financial Planner

Whether you're managing your household finances, just venturing out on your own or running a small business, the Budget Binder™ is your comprehensive guidebook to help you stay on track to your dreams (and thrive within your means!)

Most financially successful people have earned that status by building a positive relationship with their money.  Much like any great relationship, you need to give some attention and engagement on a regular basis.

Gratitude Finder® JournalsThis Budget Binder™ is a workbook designed to guide you through your finances regularly to create and foster your relationship with your money. Knowing your financial status each day/week/month is powerful intel that you can use to make good decisions about your money.  Good decisions add up to a financial future you dream of!

The first step of this journey is yours.  Getting this book today is proof that YOU are on your way to achieving your dream future.  Notably, this binder is perpetual style, so you're able to begin any time of the year. 

Today is perfect.

Choose from our [7] fun, colorful cover styles. Each planner includes the same awesome content featured below!

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Budget Binder™ Features

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Budget Binder™ Features

The Budget Binder™ is jam packed with awesome budget planning tools. This planner includes 12 months of helpful, budget planning tools.

Starting in January?  July?  November?  Great! You can start any month you choose. We recommend you start on the 1st of any given month to get the most out of each monthly section.

These tools make it easy to plan your bill payments, set monthly goals, keep tabs on savings progress and track income & expenses, too. 

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Budget Binder™ Features

The 354 stickers on (4) full sheets are just what you need to highlight bills/expenses and make every page POP! The stickers put the fun in FUNancial success...yes, it's FUN even when there are bills involved!

Set goals for your year/12-month financial period and create an action plan to meet those goals each day/week/month!

Each quarter is divided by a laminated tab with note space for each month to make lists/plans.

The tax filing checklist will help you get organized.  Having the documents & information handy will set you up for success to file your taxes efficiently.  For those who are getting a refund, let's get those funds returned to you ASAP!

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Budget Binder™ FeaturesYou've set your goals, made your action plan, now make sure it's working for you!

It's easy to track monthly bill payments with this fan-favorite, monthly bills checklist.  Buh-bye late payment fees! 

Track your debt, savings progress, income and expenses each month, then add it to your Annual Summary for each category.  The overview of your financial status is powerful intel.

Don't let holiday spending strap you for cash in the new year.  Manage your holiday expenses with this easy-to-use worksheet to budget, and track your purchases.  Buh-bye unexpected credit card bill in January!

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Budget Binder™ Features

How many times have you gone to check an old account and lock yourself out because you can't remember the password? All the time? Me, too.

These username/password pages are the perfect way to keep track of all those important log-in credentials.

Have you ever paid for a subscription you're no longer using? That's a quick way to drain your money without noticing! Track of your subscriptions (and their trial periods/cancellation status) to ensure you never overpay for something you're not using!

Pro Tip:  Never write/type/publish your actual passwords anywhere.  Instead, use password hints to remember your passwords while keeping them confidential!  e.g. if your password is Flowerchild704, your hint could be "FloralkidJuly4th"

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Budget Binder™ Features

Easily slip your Budget Binder™ into your desk drawer, handbag or backpack.

Keep your Budget Binder™ where it works for you!

The durable hard cover was designed to wipe-clean and withstand the test of time.  Keep your binders year over year to look back on your progress.  

The Budget Binder™ has all the tools & worksheets you need to be your springboard to create a STRONG financial future for you & your loved ones. 

Be the BOSS!

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