COVID-19 | Our Commitment to Flattening the Curve

COVID-19 Updates

As we navigate through these unprecedented times, our priority is the well-being of our team members, partners and our customers. 

These are some crazy times! 

We understand how difficult it is to comply with social distancing and quarantining our families...especially when you have family members whose schools are closed and are currently bouncing off your walls!  Hang in there...all your efforts and sacrificial sanity will all be worth it in the end.  

We are here for you!

To foster positive thinking, we are offering our Gratitude Finder® gratitude journals for the lowest price we can, for as long as we can!  

Our worlds are being turned upside down right now.  We are all trying to find our new normal as this pandemic evolves.  It's important we stay informed and embrace the reality of what's happening, but not lose sight of all the good things that still exist, too.

[Btw, we can easily drop-ship gratitude journal to anyone on your list of loved ones, too!  Simply place individual orders for each unique shipping address.]

Spread Gratitude! Get the Gratitude Finder® for JUST $5.97

Things you can get RIGHT NOW, Free.  

Now that your family schedules have been completely turned upside down, make a new one!  Get this 15-Month Desk Calendar FREE! 
It includes this month thru June of 2021, lists, weekly planning worksheets and more! 

FREE Desk Calendar by Denise Albright®
Just cover shipping & handling, which is only $4.95 for one and only $7.95 for three.  Limit to 3 per household.


Wait...there's MORE Free Stuff!

To help foster some excellent hand washing habits, we created this FREE Kids Hand Washing Checklist.  

Kid's FREE Hand Washing Chart Digital Download

Every Bubble Counts! 

When you post a photo of your completed checklist each week, tag #everybubblecounts and @denisealbrightstudio and we'll donate to the COVID-19 relief funds!


Channel Positivity in our Kids' Minds

To promote positive thinking for our kids during this uncertain (and very scary) times, we created this FREE Gratitude Journal Sheet.  Focusing on the good things will help ease everyone's angst about what's happening around the world.

FREE Kids Gratitude Worksheet on Denise Albright®

At our HQ

We are taking every precaution to avoid the spread of COVID-19. We operate as a virtual company with the exception of those who work in our warehouse.  Staffing in our warehouse is limited to one, or occasionally two team members, who are complying with social distancing, disinfecting fixtures and vigilante hand washing.

As of now, our warehouse is still fully functional and orders will continue to be shipped out on our regular schedule. However, we ask for your patience if there are any delays due to the pandemic. We will use this page to update our customers as we get more information moving forward.  

Thank you for your understanding and we hope that as a company we can help put your mind at ease during this uncertain times!

If you have good news to share about the current events, please share with us!

Stay Healthy!

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