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Meet Denise & Co. - A small, but mighty, team who crushes it!

It's easier to capture a unicorn than coordinate a group photo of six women
in a virtual company who agree on a single photo to publish.
So, selfies it is!

At Denise Albright Studio, we may be have a small team, but do not underestimate the impact that these women make everyday. Our mission is to help fellow busy women crush their tasks & to-do's...like a mother! 

Together, we connect, engage and deliver to 100s of thousands of awesome fans every year.  We would be thrilled to count you among them!

Denise Albright Christina Draper

Denise Albright


Nickname:  De-Nice to this group, Nisee to a crew of nieces/nephews and "Mom" to another.

Who’s in your household/family/favorite loved ones: 

  • Hubbie, Brent Albright
  • and our three Boys:  Lucas, Lincoln & Ledge

Birthday:  April 19th

Favorite place to be:  Day trips with my family

Favorite quote/mantra/joke:  "Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot time with them, and it will change your life." - Amy Poehler  

Favorite song/artist/group:  Imagine Dragons

I binge watch Schitt's Creek, formerly Ozarks, Breaking Bad.

Silly fun fact:  My first job after graduating Penn State was driving the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

Favorite DAS product:  Whatever the latest/newest item is!  Right now it's the mini Desktop Calendars with stickers.

Christina Draper

Marketing Maven

Nickname:  Mina

Who’s in your household/family/favorite loved ones: 

  • Family:  Mom, Dad, 3 Brothers, 1 Sister
  • Cat:  Everest
  • Dogs:  Ellie & Lucy

Birthday:  September 1st

Favorite place to be:  Home

Favorite quote/mantra/joke:  “You matter. And there is a void in the symphony of life when you are silent.” - Jon Foreman

Favorite song/artist/group:  Switchfoot

I binge watch:  The Office, Documentaries, and Parks & Rec

Silly fun fact:  I have an obsession with all things Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Hamilton and American History. (ps. I’m a Ravenclaw)

Favorite DAS product:  Gratitude Finder®



Kimi Springsteen Danielle McCall

Kimberly Springsteen

Master of All the Fulfillment Things

Nickname: Kimi

Who’s in your household/family/favorite loved ones:

  • Husband:  Andy Springsteen
  • Kids:  Ethan, Caleb, Marla, Tyler
  • Dogs:  Juno and Jelly

Birthday:  June 16th

Favorite place to be:  Mountains/Blue Ridge Parkway

Favorite quote/mantra/joke:  “At some point, if you’re lucky, you realize you’re not the story. You’re part of the story. The story is much bigger than you.” - Maynard James Keenan

Favorite song/artist/group:  A Perfect Circle (band)

I binge watch a variety of anime/Japanese animated movies.

Silly fun fact:  I have a foreign currency collection.

Favorite DAS product:  Reminder Binder®



Danielle Jackson

Customer Relations Connoisseur

Nickname:  Dani

Who’s in your household/family/favorite loved ones:

  • Husband:  Tyler
  • Baby Girl: Jolene Monet
  • Pup:  Dozer
  • Cat:  Widdeington-Town-Time-Ville-Place (aka Widden)

Birthday:  April 16th

Favorite place to be:  Home

Favorite quote/mantra/joke:  “A Person’s A Person, No Matter How Small!” - Dr. Seuss

Favorite song/artist/group:  The Breakup Song by Francesca Battistelli

I binge watch whatever my husband is binge watching on you tube…new flavor every week.

Silly fun fact:  I SO want a tiny off-grid house for all the economic, earth-friendly, and financially conservative reasons…but mostly to have less space to clean :P

Favorite DAS product:  Grateful Heart Sticker Set - They so cute!

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