Reminder Binder® Features & Specs

Reminder Binder® By Denise Albright®
A planner is something you use you Every. Day. All. Year.  In the case of the Reminder Binder®, it could be as long as 19 months.

So it's imperative that it fit your needs & lifestyle nicely!  

Some of Reminder Binders® best tools and layouts were created because our loyal fans contributed ideas and requests. Thanks to ALL who have helped launch this masterpiece of planning!

But we're never "done."  We are always tracking new ideas.  Have an idea to share?  We love hearing from you!  Use the short form below to share what's on your mind.  

Here's a quick (& I mean quick) flip-through check this out:

2021-22 Reminder Binder® Planner

In the meantime...

Scroll down to get a closer look "under the hood" of all the features and functionalities of the Reminder Binder® planner.  Maybe kick the tires a bit to see if this is your new trusted tool.

Weekly & Monthly Views

The #1 question we get is whether it has weekly or monthly view.

Well, that answer is YES.  It has both monthly AND (horizontal) weekly spreads.

As you can see, we added note space everywhere we could, too.

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Reminder Binder® Tools by Denise Albright®

Perforated lists, classic contact pages, gift lists,
dates to remember each month in every year
& our favorite...
361 stickers on (4) full sheets.

Here are the other (3) sticker sheets not shown:



Stickers in the Reminder Binder®
Stickers in the Reminder Binder®
Stickers in the Reminder Binder®


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Reminder Binder® Size

Easily slip your Reminder Binder® into your purse, bag, or backpack

& then head out to conquer your day.

The carpe ain't gonna diem itself!

Grab Your Reminder Binder® and GO!




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Reminder Binder® Accessories

Built to hold up with all the

coffee spills, drops, and mishaps

the year brings.

Along with plenty of storage space to keep all your things stored & safe. 

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 Tell us what you love!

Who knows, you could be the contributor to spark the next award-winning feature!

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