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Join 150K+ who rely on the Class Keeper® to manage their child’s school memorabilia. It’s easy to use and amazingly fun to share with loved ones anywhere, and now it’s an app!

It's like scrapbooking, but simple, easy, and in the palm of your hand.

You'll never fall behind on documenting a memory again.

No cluttered bins.

No paper cuts.

No more late-night fights with your glue gun.

Say goodbye to the mom guilt and goodbye to the clutter, for good!

You can take advantage of the introductory price of just $30 for a limited time.

If you...

  • Struggle with how to commemorate the never-ending influx of your child’s school memories
  • Feel overwhelmed with clutter piling up from incoming crafts & keepsakes
  • Suffer from mom-guilt for not having a Pinterest-perfect scrapbook
  • Have zero creativity or time to dedicate to scrapbooking
  • Get paralyzed by what to write in the public caption on your social media account that will be viewed (& judged) by 1000s
  • Adore all the crazy/funny/cute/amazing things your child does but can’t remember a fraction of it
  • Cannot bear the thought of another bin or tote of your kid’s keepsakes hogging your attic, basement, garage, guest room, or closet
  • Own a mobile device that is most often within arm’s reach

If you can relate to feeling these things, then this mobile app is for you!

The Class Keeper® School Memory Binder is beloved by 1000s of customers! It’s an easy-to-use scrapbook to keep all your child’s school memories and photos together in one place, to be cherished for years to come! 

And now... it’s an app, too!

The all-new Class Keeper® app allows you to upload unlimited images and stories to create a collection of memories for each child that you [and your kids] will cherish for a lifetime.

Designed to be a companion to the Class Keeper® Keepsake Binder OR standalone, the app includes fan-favorite features from the Class Keeper® that you can now hold in the palm of your hand!

This Commemorative App Includes Many Helpful Features like:

  • Child Profiles for each child in your family. Upload a profile pic, fill in their name & birthday and personalize it with your choice of themes. Once the profile is created, you can begin adding photos, Keepers* and answer simple questions for each grade to capture your kids’ favorites throughout the years.
  • The *Keepers feature in this app is your designated placeholder to log all your favorite stories, blurbs, and tales for each child!  Easily record them as they happen or in batches from the past. With the Keepers feature, you have your own library of all the darling/silly/crazy things your kid did & said!
  • First & Last Day Album for each grade! Simply upload the first & last day of school photos into each child’s Grade-Specific Album. Under each photo are fields to note fun facts & favorites, plus prompts & questions to gather answers that will melt you.
  • Easily scroll, err, swipe down memory lane! Once your first & last day photos have been added to the app, it is easy to see your child’s incredible transformation in the First & Last Day Highlight Reel.  The highlight reel automatically pulls the first & last day photos you uploaded into each grade’s album into one cohesive series.
  • And so much more!

With this listing you are getting:

  • One full year of access to the Class Keeper® App
  • Unlimited photo storage!

To take advantage of this fantastic deal:

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This NEW Mobile App is the perfect enhancement to our Class Keeper® School Memory Binder!

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