Financial Goals Bundle! Budget Binder™ Financial Planner + Accessories

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2021 Goals

This deal includes:

  • ONE Budget Binder™ Planner [Choose from 7 styles]
  • ONE Budget Builder Sticker Set
    • ONE Pull & Place Strip Pack [6 strips]

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    [Budget Binder™ Planner]

    Whether you're managing your household finances, just venturing out on your own or running a small business, the Budget Binder™ is your comprehensive guidebook to help you stay on track to your dreams (and thrive within your means!)

    This Budget Binder™ is a workbook designed to guide you through your finances regularly to create and foster your relationship with your money. Knowing your financial status each day/week/month is powerful intel that you can use to make good decisions about your money.  Good decisions add up to a financial future you dream of!

    Choose from (7) Cover Styles in the Preppy 'n' Pink theme: (inside content is the same in all styles)

    1. Stripes
    2. Chevi
    3. Dots
    4. NEW! Geo
    5. NEW! Leopard
    6. NEW! Wavy
    7. NEW! Speckles

    Budget Binder™ Workbook features: 

    • 12-month non-dated workbook
    • 354 hand-illustrated stickers to make even paying bills fun!
    • Enjoy the gratifying feeling of checking off monthly bills on the Monthly Bills checklist while keeping your credit score high
    • Trackers for income, expenses, debt & savings for any 12-month period
    • Summary worksheets to consolidate key financial factors in a single view
    • Worksheets to manage passwords, accounts & subscriptions
    • Event and holiday spending worksheets to give you visibility on totals spent
    • Tax time checklist

    Each monthly section includes:  

    • Monthly calendar with notes
    • Goals for that month
    • Savings tracker
    • Income tracker 
    • Expense tracker complete with a secondary itemized worksheet for each major expense category 
    • TIP:  use the handy bookmark to snap into your current month for quick access.


    The Budget Builder Sticker Set includes 772 stickers of 61 unique designs.   Build your budget with these bright & colorful stickers including designs like "No Spend Zone," Dollar Bills, Take Out, Coffee, "Pay Day," Piggy Bank, Credit Cards, "Donate," Shopping Cart, "Pay Bills," Pizza, Take Out & so much more!

    [Pull & Place Strips]

    Whether it's coupons, flyers, lists, notes, to-do's or a photo to commemorate the week, these pull and place strips help keep your necessities inside your planner! Adding a page to any Reminder Binder® Planner, Budget Binder™ Financial Planner or Gratitude Finder® Journal is easy.  Use these strips to snap into a twin coil for added pages and organization...ahhh!

    • Easily snaps into twin coils like a removable bookmark
    • Great for added lists, flyers, organizational grids or a photo to save a memory for that week
    • Transparent plastic, 5" x 1.125"
    • Permanent adhesive to keep pages in place
    • Each pack includes (6) Pull & Place strips
    • Fits Denise Albright® twin coil planners [Reminder Binder®, Budget Binder®, Pocket Notebook, & Gratitude Finder®]

    Item Specifications:

    [Budget Binder™ Planner]
    • Total sheets:  78 pages + 8 laminated tabs
    • Sticker count:  354 assorted stickers
    • Actual size:  8.5 x 7 x .75 inches 
    • Bindery:  White metal twin coil (Fits the Pull & Place Strips)
    • Weight:  16 oz.
    • Fits ANY planner or calendar
    • Sticker sizes vary, most are .75 x .75 inches
    • (8) sheets per set, each sheet 5.5 x 8.5 inches
    • Hand-illustrated, professionally printed 
    [Pull & Place Strips]
    • Actual size:  5 x 1.125 inches
    • Set includes (6) transparent plastic strips. (note:  material is transparent, however not completely clear)
    • Adhesive is permanent 

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