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This Deal includes:


  • One Kit of Extra Pockets/Photo Pages (Choose from 2 Styles)

  • One Kit of Extra First & Last Day Pages (Choose from 2 Styles)

  • One School Days Sticker Set (Choose from 2 Styles)


[Kit of Extra Pockets/Photo Pages Features]

It's easy to add pages to your Class Keeper® by simply punching holes in any page, but sometimes you need more pockets or sturdy photo pages.  This kit of extra inserts fills the need!  They are non-graded so you can use them for any grade.

    Each kit includes:
    [Can be used for any grades]

    • THREE Keepsake pockets large enough for 8.5x11 sheets
    • THREE Photo sheets (double-sided for photos on both sides)
    • All are pre-drilled to fit perfectly into your Class Keeper® School Memory Binders.
    • Backside of pocket is ideal for 8x10 class or team photos.  [Need more?  Order multiple kits!] 


    [Kit of First & Last Day Pages Features]

    Use these pages to add in an extra year of preschool, transitional kindergarten or any other level of education!  Or maybe, just maybe your child mistook the page for a placemat at dinner!  We get it, use these pages to replace them!

      Each kit includes TWO complete grades:
      [You write-in the grade]

      • TWO First Day with backside "Words of Wisdom"
      • TWO Last Day with backside photo page
      • All ages are pre-drilled to fit perfectly into your Class Keeper® School Memory Book!
      • Covers you for TWO grades.  [Need more?  Order multiple kits!]

      Each of the Kits above is Available in (2) Styles to Match the Class Keeper®:

      • Pennant Flags Pastel
      • Pennant Flags Primary

      [School Memory Sticker Set Features]

      Stylize your Class Keeper® Pages with coordinating stickers!  Each set has 400+ stickers of 145+ designs including all kinds special events in your little person's school journey like Donuts with Dad, Muffins with Mom, Grandparents Day, Pep Rally and Field Day as well as designs for First and Last Day of School, school subjects, supplies and clubs, too!

      Choose from [2] Set Options:

      Watch this 60-sec video to see every sheet in each set and how to use them in your Class Keeper®: 

       Other ideas for your stickers:

      Each set shares many of the same designs, however, they are each colored to match the corresponding Class Keeper ®.  See image for list of designs and quantity of each in each set.


      [Item Specifications]

      Pockets and Photo Pages Kit:

      • Actual pocket size:  11 1/2" x 8 5/8"
      • Actual photo page size: 10 7/8" x 8 5/8"
      • Six sheets total in each kit

      First & Last Day Pages Kit:

      • Actual page size: 10 7/8" x 8 5/8"
      • Four sheets in each kit

      School Stickers:

      • Each set includes (8) sheets, each sheet is 5.5 x 8.5 inches
      • Girl Power Set:  412 stickers of 145 unique designs
      • School Rocks Set:  404 stickers of 157 unique designs
      • Sticker sheets fit inside the front pocket of your Class Keeper®

      What's a Class Keeper® School Memory Binder?  The single-most beloved, mother-saving, templatized, sustainable, creatively-compact commemorative keepsake system!  See it here.


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