FREE Imperfectly Perfect 3-Ring [Empty] School Keepsake Binders | Case of 18 | LIMITED TIME OFFER

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Imperfectly Perfect Class Keeper® Binders [Only]
>>>[No pages, No keepsake box]<<<

>>>[No pages, No keepsake box]<<<

>>>[No pages, No keepsake box]<<<

Just Pay $29.95 S&H Per Case of 18
While Supplies Lasts

Ouch Bubble

Ship happens. Sometimes the binder cover can get some bumps & bruises in transit, but it's still perfectly useful! Hence, this Imperfectly Perfect sale.


All Class Keepers® on this deal will have imperfections on the binder cover. Scroll to see some examples of the imperfections.  Look for the "squiggly arrow" pointing to it. So you will still enjoy the functionality of the the most amazing deal price, ever.

>>>>>ALL "SALES" of these FREE Binders ARE FINAL<<<<<



Whether you're using these binders to store your students classwork or using them as additional storage for your kid's Class Keeper®, these Imperfectly Perfect Class Keeper® Binders are the perfect solution.

3 Ideas For Using These Binders:

  1. Teacher Class Memories - Teachers can keep a binder filled with memories from their class that year and/or send home the kid's classwork/photos/etc. in these handy binders.
  2. Additional Storage for Keepsakes - Already have a Class Keeper®? Use these bindles for additional storage for things like artwork, projects, or team memorabilia.
  3. Homeschool Mom Lesson Plans - Keep lesson plans for each grade level to reuse/update for the next kid each year!

Choose from Two Styles:

  • Pastel Polka Dot
  • Primary Stripes

All cases are a complete set of one style. Sorry, no substitutions.

      Item Specifications:

      • Actual size: 13.25 x 9.25 x 2.5 inches
      • Bindery:  custom D-ring (3-rings)

      *Terms & Conditions:  
      By purchasing today, you agree to the following:

      • You are ordering a case of 18 empty binders, there is no content in these binders, there are no keepsake boxes.

      • You will use these for your personal use or give them a school to use.  Please do not resell these binders.  We reserve the right to cancel any order for a full refund.
      • This offer is available exclusively in the 48 contiguous states.  Orders destined for HI or AK will be cancelled and fully refunded.