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For a Limited Time, get this Dress Your Desk Planner Bundle which includes:
  • The Reminder Binder® Planner [January 2020 - June 2021]
  • NEW Mini-Monthly Desktop Calendar [January 2020 - December 2020]
  • Pull & Place Strips [Set of (6) strips]
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[Reminder Binder® Planner]
Introducing the NEW "Ocean Berry" Reminder Binder® Planner
We have some big news to share, too...drum roll...there are TWO Cover Styles of this 18-month Planner from which to choose:
  • Ocean Berry Stripes (Classic)
  • Ocean Berry Chevron (NEW design!)
In this digital world, there’s value in actually writing things down.  Yes, on paper. With a pen.  [Side note:  Pilot G2's are my pref!]  You can see it, stylize it...and remember it!  More than that, once on paper, you can stop thinking about all your to-do’s and what’s to come.  You will liberate your mind to give it space to relax and engage in the present...and actually ENJOY the moments you’ve masterfully orchestrated!
You’re invited to join thousands of others who have adopted the Reminder Binder® Planner as their trusted planning tool.  This planner is what it is today thanks to feedback from its fans over the last decade!  

Listed below is the latest “evolution” of this year’s edition...including the biggest news that there are TWO styles, both with the same content inside!


This planner includes all of these amazing features:

  • Dates include January 2020 - June 2021
  • Weekly, monthly and yearly views
  • Weekly layouts are horizontal with lots of white space each day
  • Hard Cover - for the 10,000 times you flip through it, it's built to last!
  • Laminated Tabs - designed to go the distance
  • Elastic Band Enclosure - your planner gets packed like your week, this band will help keep it altogether!
  • Highlight special dates with the 361 stickers provided on (4) full pages.
  • Holidays overview - see the day/date for 2020 and 2021 holidays in a quick glance
  • (2) Pockets - one Stock it Pocket inside the front cover AND another double sided clear pocket attached in the back
  • Use your Stock it Pocket to keep tickets, coupons, postage stamps or greeting cards at your fingertips.
  • Removable bookmark redesigned for quicker snap-in and out
  • (3) full pages of Dates to Remember
  • When you need a gift for those special dates, use the Nifty Gifty Checklist to stay on track with your gifting to-do’s!
  • Flip to the 2020 and 2021 yearly thumbnails for a fabulous overview in a single page spread.
  • Perpetual style monthly page to jot dates to remember each month...like the birthdate of your new niece or nephew this year!
  • Use the weekly pages to list daily details...and when the details have details…use the notes section provided on each week.  
  • The 3-month thumbnails make it easy to relate dates in the upcoming weeks.
  • The weekly pages are color coordinated for your convenience, too.
  • 1-List, 2-List, 3-List...Store!  These perforated pages are handy tools for you to jot and trot!  Whether it’s the weekly grocery list, a guest list, dinner menus or the movies that you want to see, when you think it, ink it here!
  • Populate the contacts pages with all the info you need for mailing invitations, sending an e-note or remembering a birthday.
  • Complete your Personal Information page to ensure a speedy return when someone finds your Reminder Binder®!
  • By design, your Reminder Binder® is made to travel…take it with you in your handbag, your diaper bag, gym bag, or in your car!
  • Bonus keepsake gift box - make a pretty stack on your shelf to refer back to remember all the good times!
[Mini Monthly Desktop Calendar]

Stylishly simple [but ever-so-useful] is this Mini Monthly Desktop Calendar.  Frame it or perch it on your kitchen counter or work space to add a little flare that's functional, too!

This 12-Month Set goes from January 2020 - December 2020 and includes holiday lists, year-at-a-glance, stickers, and more!

This calendar makes a great gift for any teacher, graduate, student, mom, sitter or planner fan you know!  Watch the 60-sec video below to see it all!

This mini Monthly Desktop Calendar includes all of these amazing features:

  • Each brilliantly colorful textured sheets showcases a monthly thumbnail on the front
  • The backside includes a templatized page with just the right amount of space to jot some of your favorite moments or stories about that month.  (Without the pressure to find the time to write a book!)
  • Each set includes 396 mini planner stickers
  • The mini stickers fit perfectly over a date to make it stand out for special occasions. 
  • Get the yearly view on a single 5x5 card with the holidays for that year on the backside.  Great to tuck in your planner or handbag for quick glance without having to use a passcode!

Display Ideas: (Check out images, too!)

  • Frame it in a 5x5 frame...add matting to step-up the style
  • Clip on a draped wire/string/ribbon with a mini clothespin
  • Punch holes and lace a ribbon thru them to hang it
  • Pin it to a corkboard or felt board

**Display block, frame, cork board are for styling purposes only.  Styling items are not included.**

[Pull & Place Strips]
Whether it's coupons, flyers, lists, notes, to-do's or a photo to commemorate the week, these pull and place strips help keep your necessities inside your planner! Adding a page to any Reminder Binder® Planner is easy.  Use these strips to snap into a twin coil for added pages and organization...ahhh!
  • Easily snaps into twin coils like a removable bookmark
  • Great for added lists, flyers, organizational grids or a photo to save a memory for that week
  • Transparent plastic, 5" x 1.125"
  • Permanent adhesive to keep pages in place
  • Each pack includes (6) Pull & Place strips
  • Perfect for twin coil planners like the Reminder Binder® Planner & Gratitude Finder® Journal
  • See specification graphic among the images
  • Watch a how-to video here:

    [Item Specifications]

    Reminder Binder® Planner:

    • Actual size:  8.5 x 7.25 x 1.25 inches (including coil)
    • Bindery:  White metal twin coil
    • Planner weight:  1lb. 7oz. (+ 3oz. for keepsake box)

    12-Month Mini Monthly Desk Calendar:

    • Dates:  January 2020 - December 2020
    • Sheets:  20 sheets + 4 sticker sheets
    • Sticker count:  396 assorted stickers
    • Actual sheet size:  5 x 5 inches 
    • Weight:  7 oz. 

    Pull & Place Strips:

    • Actual size:  5 x 1.125 inches
    • Set includes (6) transparent plastic strips. (note:  material is transparent, however not completely clear)
    • Adhesive is permanent 


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