Last Chance F.R.E.E. Bundles of (8) Desk Calendars | Limit (1) Per Customer | Just Pay $12.97 S&H per Bundle

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*****LIMIT (1) Bundle Per Customer*****

*****LIMIT (1) Bundle Per Customer*****

*****LIMIT (1) Bundle Per Customer*****

Reminder Binder® Desk Calendars
to gift your team, staff or group!

*Terms & Conditions Apply:  
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  • You may resell in-person however, you may NOT resell on sites like eBay and Amazon.  Selling on these channels is strictly prohibited.  We reserve the right to cancel any order for a full refund
  • Offer available to destinations in the 48 contiguous states.  Orders destined for HI or AK will be cancelled and fully refunded.

  • Limit 1 Bundle of (8) per Customer - If you have more than 1 units in your cart, you will get a notification that we do not ship to your location.  We ship to 48 contiguous states.

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Item Specifications:

  • Total sheets:  28 sheets per pad
  • Actual sheet size:  12 x 9 inches
  • Bindery:  Gummed, drilled, cardboard backer
  • Weight:  14 oz.

Stickers are shown for styling purposes.  Stickers are NOT included.

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