Last Day of School 2020 | Second Grade | Printable 8x10 Sign for Last Day of School, Pastel | Print-ready, Delivered Instantly Photo Prop

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It's a big day in a young person's life to complete a school year.  And sometimes it creeps up sooner than you realize!  This digital download is ready to print the moment you order it without anyone knowing you pulled it altogether in the final hours.  Print and frame this 8x10 photo prop to capture that milestone moment.  And if you really want to be it to the photo from the first day of that same school year!

This item is a DIGITAL File for Second Grade.  You will NOT receive any physical items.

Prefer a hard copy?  Check out this "deck" of First/Last Day of School photo props hard copies.  One deck and you're done! Includes all grade levels preschool thru college, yes, COLLEGE!   The hard copy decks are non-dated so that you can use them for siblings, too!

Find this deck (available in 4 styles) here or click the image below!
Back to School Photo Sign Decks

What do you do with the photo after it's taken?  A-ha! You commemorate it in a Class Keeper®!

A Class Keeper® is the world's easiest keepsake memory book designed to capture all the good stuff without stocking your attic with bins!  See all its features here or click on the image below.

Class Keeper® School Memory Binder in Pastel Polka Dots


Below is a list of the other digital files available in this series, sold separately.

  • mommy's support staff (for the tiniest of family members who are still at home with mom.)
  • m.m.o.
  • m.d.o.
  • preschool
  • pre-K
  • T-K (aka transitional kindergarten)
  • kindergarten
  • first grade
  • second grade
  • third grade
  • fourth grade
  • fifth grade
  • sixth grade
  • seventh grade
  • eighth grade

Print to your heart's desire for your personal use!

Item details:

  • Actual printed size:  8 x 10 inches
  • Files are formatted to print one per 8.5 x 11-inch paper. (just trim the margins to fit)
  • You will receive a print-ready PDF.
  • This is a digital file.  No hard copies are shipped.
  • Files are available instantly on screen AND emailed to you.

Tip:  Print, trim and frame!  Or just have your kids hold it...sometimes DONE is better than perfect!

Fine print:

  • Copyrights are reserved exclusively by Denise Albright.
  • Although you may print these files multiple times for your personal use, you may NOT send/share/sell the digital file to/with others as your own. That act is copyright infringement.
  • Selling or sharing this digital file (even if it's just your sister) is strictly prohibited.
  • Frames shown are not included.

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Last Day of School 2020 Photo Sign Printable Digital Download
Last Day of School 2020 Photo Sign Printable Digital Download
Last Day of School 2020 Photo Sign Printable Digital Download
Last Day of School 2020 Photo Sign Printable Digital Download
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