NEW! Budget Binder™ Bill Tracker Organizer w/ Calendar & Pockets for 12-Months of Financial Management | 354 Stickers

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Whether you're managing your household finances, just venturing out on your own or running a small business, this binder is your comprehensive guidebook to help you stay on track to your dreams (and thrive within your means!)

Most financially successful people have earned that status by building a positive relationship with their money.  Much like any great relationship, you need to give some attention and engagement on a regular basis.    

This Budget Binder™ is a workbook designed to guide you through your finances regularly to create and foster your relationship with your money. Knowing your financial status each day/week/month is powerful intel that you can use to make good decisions about your money.  Good decisions add up to a financial future you dream of!

The first step of this journey is yours.  Getting this book today is proof that YOU are on your way to achieving your dream future.  Notably, this binder is perpetual style, so you're able to begin any time of the year.  Today is perfect.

Read the features below or watch this 2.5-minute video as we flip through the binder:

Here are the tools and features you'll love:

Get started with outlining your goals on the Goals worksheet to map out your high-level financial goals for your 12-month term.  Big or small, actually articulating what/where/when you want something is empowering!

Budget Building by Month  
There are 12 monthly sections grouped by quarter.  Each quarter (aka 3-month section) is tabbed with a pocket.  Said pocket has the all-important enclosure flap.  (Yes, we tried to think of everything.)
Each of the 12 monthly section includes:
Monthly calendar with notes
Goals for that month
Savings tracker
Income tracker
Expense tracker complete with a secondary itemized worksheet for each major expense category

Nothing makes a credit score plummet faster than late payments. The Monthly Bills spread offers an annual overview to help keep you on track and on time.  Utilize the Annual Overview to list or highlight the key financial factors by month in a single view.

This section is a complete overview of the key components of your financial status for the entire 12-month period on a single page.  These overviews are key to visualizing your financial health.  Use the individual worksheets to update your debt, savings, income and expenses. Next, merge the data onto the summary chart and easily plot the values on the graph each month to provide a concise outlook on your financial well-being over time.

Tools Compile all the info you need to access/manage your accounts, subscriptions and the dozens of passwords swimming in your mind on these worksheets. Have an upcoming event or celebration to fold into your budget? Use the Events Expense worksheet to forecast the costs and stay on track with all that needs to be purchased while keeping within your budget, When the holidays approach, manage your holiday spending with the worksheet designed to maintain that jolly spirit through to the credit card bills. Tax Time Whether you are hiring a professional or managing it on your own, use this checklist to gather all the info you need to get the task done accurately & efficiently. Being prepared could even make the filing experience (dare I say boldly), a pleasant one!

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