The Perfectly-Planned Family | THREE Weekly Planner Pads Bundle | Great for Whole Plan Family

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Three kids, six events, twelve hundred things on the to-do list, and two days to get it done. #ParentLife, we get it. We want to make it easier for you with THREE planner pads that will make you an unstoppable family!

This bundled set includes THREE 52- Week Weekly Planner Pads:

  • One Peek at the Week® Weekly Planner Pad
  • One MINI Peek at the Week® Weekly Planner Pad
  • One Dad Pad® Weekly Planner Pad

[Peek at the Week®]

Sometimes managing your household's busy schedule can make you feel like an air traffic controller with a bull horn!  If only there was a system to ensure everyone knew the plan. They could get where they need to be, when they need to be there and never have to ask again & again, "What's for dinner?"

Well, now there is!  It’s easy to get everyone on the same “page” with your Peek at the Week® Planner Pad!

Pare down your crazy-packed planner spread into a concise daily view of what’s happening the upcoming week for all members of your household to get a peek at what's happening (and even what's on the menu that night!)  Ahh...

The Peek at the Week® Weekly Planner Pad includes these features:

  • Perpetual-style 55-page undated weekly pad to begin on any week of the year with handy checklists on backside of every week. Who doesn't love lists?
  • 2-Hole Drilled 8" x 10" daily vertical layout for easy hanging or simply prop-up on your counter with the sturdy backer card for all to see. The pad also fits nicely on an office desk for quick access.
  • Includes daily sections that are ideal for added organization by family member, role, task and/or meals and check out (and check off) the checklists on the backside of every page. It's also great for taking notes!
  • Stay on top of your budget, healthy meal prep, personal goals, fitness and school projects.
  • Fresh & functional design and colors make this an ideal gift for a teacher, college student or busy mom.

[MINI - Peek at the Week®]


[Dad Pad®]

The Dad Pad is for dad's to get stuff done, but let's be honest...this item is really for moms!  Fill-in all the week's reminders in one-place in writing...just the way most dads need it!

The Dad Pad® Weekly Planner Pad includes these features:

  • 60 weekly pages
  • 6" x 9" pad, drilled for easy hanging
  • 322 "man" task stickers to catch his eye, Umm, including "My Wife's Birthday"!*  (see complete sticker list below)
  • Sections for each day, To-Do's and "Coming up"
  • Perforated Tear Sheet to jot and trot!
  • Handy checklists on the reverse of every page

Set him up for success!  (and you, too, of course.)

Pare down your crazy week onto a page that makes sense to your man!  He doesn't want to thumb through your packed planner any more than you want him to!

How to use the Dad Pad® to keep your household running like a well-oiled machine!

  • Highlight some key events with the 322 stickers included.
  • Note daily happenings using the time slots.
  • Complete the day’s must-do’s in the dashed checklist box.
  • Share the weekly overview including task items in the Tackle Box and prompt what’s Coming Up, like your birthday!
  • Use the To Do>>>To Done on the reverse for his busiest days or re-purpose last week’s page to use as your own to-do checklist.
  • Jot a quick errand or store list on the perforated Tear Sheet.
  • Fill-in the dates as you go with the perpetual calendar style.
  • Drilled to easily hang on a wall (like in the garage)!

Item Specifications: 

Peek at the Week® Planner Pad:

  • Actual size:  8 x 10 x .25 inches
  • Padded, Drilled with two holes for hanging or twine/ribbon for styling
  • Pad weight:  10oz.

MINI - Peek at the Week® Planner Pad:

  • Actual size:  4 x 10 x .25 inches
  • Padded
  • Pad weight:  6 oz.

Dad Pad® Weekly Planner Pad:

  • Actual size:  6 x 9 x .25 inches
  • Padded, Drilled with a Centered Hole