You're invited to stick around & click around! We hope to delight your eyes and tickle your funny bones with our whimsical art and playfully sassy greetings & humor available for license. All creativity, both illustrations and writing, showcased on these pages are the works created by Denise Albright.
All-in-one, done!
Orchestrating a product launch takes precious time, which sometimes runs scarce. Outsourcing a part of your product development through licensing helps you streamline your efforts saving you time. Working with an illustrator & humorist, like Denise, makes your job even easier since you can eliminate the need to coordinate artists and writers.

Meet the humorist/designer

Denise Albright has incorporated doodling into nearly every phase of her life. From brown-nosing elementary school teachers with bulletin boards and painting team spirit posters in high school to schmoozing sorority sisters at Penn State and decorating the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile while zigzagging across the country, Denise has exploited her design talents for the giggles of others. In recent history, Denise has aligned herself with some wonderful manufacturers who have been a springboard for getting her creativity into retail outlets in several countries. Read more...

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These pages are kind of like an amuse-bouche of design, intended to whet your appetite and leave you wanting more. And more there is! Gain access to our super secret section of Intellectual Property which showcases all sorts of illustrations and creative writing. Tell us a bit about your company, product design and licensing needs so that we may return a key to the aforementioned IP. Click here.

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