Our Mission

It is our mission to design and deliver artwork for products that appeal to consumers. It is our goal to make your company sales soar and make you look and feel good about choosing to work with us. Our creative collection includes 1000s of whimsical illustrations, sassy greetings and children's book ideas. Our favorite designs are always those that successfully make their mark in the marketplace. That should tell you something about us.

The designs are created by Denise Albright, the founder and former owner of a stationery line. Launching her own company gave her the unique opportunity to understand what it takes to develop a product line from ideation to store shelves. It's that decade of hands-on experience that differentiates working with Denise versus other "artists" (with all due respect to the artistically talented folk, of course).  When referred to as an artist, Denise will reply, "I think of myself as more of a business person who happens to draw than just an artist."

When meeting short deadlines or finding yourself short-handed, you will be glad you chose to work with us.  We appreciate what you do and all that it takes to bring an idea to life.

Meet the humorist/designer...

"Visitor, meet Denise.  Denise, visitor."

Hello! I'm delighted you're perusing my site and all of its cleverity. Yes, I believe that's a word.  If not, I herein stake my claim in introducing a new one to Webster. My creativity and aforementioned cleverity has taken me four decades to develop (thought I'd cut short the "Guess my age" game). What began in my hometown of Erie, PA moved to Penn State University, then onto the left coast (aka San Diego) and is now rooted in Charlotte, NC. Along the way, I met/married a wonderful, extraordinarily tall, man named Brent Albright. In turn, he made me a mom to a precious doe-eyed duo, Lucas & Lincoln. My collective life experiences and blessings have fostered my fun-loving (often sarcastically silly) side that you'll see come through in my designs.

If you’re looking to add a driven, punny designer who delivers to your creative team, I invite you to connect with me. (or at least "like" me on Facebook!)