Let's Connect at The Boutique Hub Summit!

March 19 - 20, 2023 | Dallas, TX

Shop on by Booth 5...and maybe even GO LIVE!

Learn more about all the amazing offers available ONLY at the Summit.

Exclusive Summit Offers

1. SPIN to WIN to get up to 20% OFF stackable discounts when you Join our Group!

2. FREE (18) Planner Pad Pack on your $500+ Order* [Pad Total Retail Value $300]

3.  Get $75 Credit on your next order** when you place a $750+ order at the Summit.
  YES, you also get the FREE Planner Pad Pack!

*Net order value after discounts | Visit our Booth for Pad Package details.
**Net order value after discounts | Credit is applicable on your next order post-Summit. Credit is not transferable and cannot be applied to previous orders.


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