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Let's Go LIVE!

Social commerce is the fastest-growing sales strategy. Both shop owners & brands alike are enjoying the benefits of these virtual events. It’s a great way to diversify your revenue while broadly testing a brand with your audience. It’s a Win-Win!

For those of you who are familiar with Live Selling & ready to get started, we are, too! Use the button below to Book Your Live Takeover OR keep reading to learn more.

What is Live Selling?

To put it simply, Live Selling is like QVC or the Home Shopping Network. It's a live broadcast that is streamed across the web, mobile apps and social platforms like Facebook, Instagram & TikTok.  

The host, which could be you, showcases products one-by-one to your audience, highlighting features & lifestyle uses for the item while “socializing” with your viewers. This creates an engaging, personal shopping experience for your viewers. In addition to conversing with you via comments, viewers will also comment that they’d like to purchase the item you’re showcasing.   When they do, Congratulations! Now you have an order, how do you collect payment?

How Does Invoicing Work?


The goal is to keep your viewers watching. Letting them order in the comments is the best way to capture sales while keeping them engaged with your Live event. Extracting those orders manually from a long list of comments is doable but can be tedious. For a more streamlined invoicing process, providers like CommentSold offer a great alternative.


CommentSold is a 3rd party application to which you subscribe.   Their app allows viewers to comment on your live event using the specific word, e.g. SOLD, to trigger a behind-the-scenes billing flow. I’m not affiliated with CommentSold, but they are a leader in the social commerce space. To read more about how CommentSold works, click here.

Comment Sold


4 Reasons Live Selling is Right for You

Your customers connect with you!  During a Live Event, they feel like they are in your shop (or maybe your kitchen) with you. You create a personal shopping experience. They can make comments & ask questions just like they would if having a conversation with you.

It’s the ideal way to introduce a collection and gauge your customer’s interest before investing in inventory.


Many brands, including ours, offer open stock so you can place an order based on what was ordered during your event. 

Pro Tip:  when placing your bulk order post-event, order a few extras of the most popular items. You can fold them into future lives as a “Best Seller that you loved” with limited quantities available to encourage the call-to-action (CTA.)


As the host, it's your show. You can share all the stories, lifestyle uses, benefits & promotions that you wish. Share as much or as little as you like.

Show & Share. You share behind-the-scenes insights & your sales volume will show it.

Going live is A LOT of fun for you & your audience, but it can also be very exhausting & time-consuming on your part. If only someone could give you a break every now & again. Now someone can! It's called a Live Takeover. Read on to learn more about Takeovers.

What is a Live Takeover?

You're doing so much, let us take the wheel!


Going Live is a lot of fun, but everyone needs a break,including you! A Live Takeover means another person steps in to be the host of your live event. That host will log in remotely with the credentials you provide to broadcast the event. They are literally "taking over" the live event for you. Having another host take over not only gives you a well-deserved break but having a new twist to your live events may reengage some viewers, too.


Choose a Host who will make YOU shine

Your audience loves YOU. After all, you're the face of your business. Giving the stage to another person can feel like you're handing over your baby. You're placing a lot of trust in someone else to fill your shoes.


If you need a break from hosting, who better to tell the stories, lifestyle applications & inspiration behind a product than the creator of that brand. When you book with us, founder & She.E.O Denise Albright herself will host your event & deliver a great show. Denise will share lots of tips, hacks & humor to delight your audience and turn them into buyers!  

Have you checked out our products, yet?  Learn more about our products here.

Why Book a Live Takeover with us?

We Make it EA$Y

We know how much you love your community & they love YOU. All the more reason we are so honored by the invitation to take over for you.

We know that everything we do & say is a reflection on you, so we promise to make you shine!

We will host an event that is chock full of great tips, fun stories, hacks & humor that will help your fans & followers declutter their minds & enjoy more of their wonderfully hectic lives with our line of organizational paper planners, gratitude journals, kids' keepsake mother-savers, budgeting tools, stickers & more!

Our #1 Goal
From booking to broadcast, from sales to customer satisfaction, we create a wonderful experience for both you & everyone in your community.

Denise Albright®

Denise Albright, founder & She.E.O. showcasing her line of sanity-saving organizational products.

*Free Drop-Shipping when you order on our wholesale site: DeniseAlbrightWholesale.com

From booking to broadcast, from sales to rave reviews, creating a Wonderful Experience is our #1 Goal.

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How Do I Go Live with Your Products?

You can go Live in (2) Ways:

On your own OR invite us to host a Live Takeover! But FIRST, join our wholesale group using the button below.

To Go LIVE ON YOUR OWN, follow these (4) Steps:

STEP 1. Order a Live Box of samples to get our products into your hands.  Live Boxes are collections of samples you can showcase during your event. Brands, like ours, offer assorted collections of products. Our themed collections include Planning, Gratitude & Kids’ Keepsake products. Scroll down to order one (or one of each) that suits your audience. Each box is priced well below wholesale at just $99. When you reach $1000 in merchandise revenue over time, the cost of the Live Box is credited to a future order.

STEP 2. Upload our products to your catalog.  We will provide a comma-separated values (csv) files that you can easily upload to Shopify or CommentSold. Use the link below to request the file you need.

STEP 3.  Get to know our products by flipping through our line sheets.  Soak-in the lifestyle uses & reviews so you can share them as commentary during your event. Use the link below to request the file you need:

STEP 4.  Schedule your Live Event in your usual way & share it with the world, including us!  Email us when & where you’re going Live so we can watch, too! We will do our best to join you. When we do, we can help field product questions that may come up during your event.

Invite Denise to do a LIVE TAKEOVER in (3) steps:

STEP 1. Reserve your desired time slot.  See Denise's availability and lock-in your Live Event here:

STEP 2. Upload our products to your catalog. We will provide a comma-separated values (csv) files that you can easily upload to Shopify or CommentSold. Use the link below to request the file you need.

STEP 3. Promote your Live Event!  Within 1-3 business days of booking your event you will be given customized graphics to promote your event on your website, emails and social media channels. We'll even include a paste-ready caption to make the whole process easy-peasy!


Questions? Email support@denisealbright.com. We’re standing by to help!


CONTACT: support@denisealbright.com
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