Grad Gift Guide to Set Them Up for Success 🎁

Grad Gift Guide to Set Them Up for Success 🎁

Graduation season is here. The best thing you can do for your favorite grad is to set them up for success!
No matter what phase of life they are stepping into, we have the tools that will make you shine as the gifter and make them unstoppable as the giftee.
Scroll below to find your perfect gift!


Right about now, all the banks are doing all they can to attract these new earners. They'll offer the 0.0% APR offers which can be quite alluring...but deceptively so. When those offers skyrocket to 22% APR in a year, so many young people find themselves in a tone of debt! Making wise money moves starts now for them, but how can you help them get started?

The 12-Month Budget Binder™ Financial Planner is the perfect place to start! This complete financial workbook helps them build a better budget, chip away at debt and build a strong relationship with money.


Do they love lists (& checking them off) as much as you?

The Reminder Binder® will help them take planning to a new level. They can prioritize & organize to make any task load feel manageable. Reaching their goals ✅✅✅ will feel so satisfying!

This edition dates from July 2023 to December 2024 with a Bonus June 2023, making it a fantastic academic planner that will last them THREE semesters!


Why wait until back-to-school to help her learn time management? This non-dated, mini weekly planner pad is a great way to make planning a habit in no time!

This Mini Peek at the Week® is the perfectly-sized solution for new high-schoolers to manage their homework, team sports, clubs, school events & more!


Have a kid who thinks $5 bills grow on trees? My kids think nothing of dropping $5 on junk every chance they get. Heck, $5/day = $1825/year. And I have THREE kids!

It's time they learn & appreciate what it takes to earn $5 which might influence how they spend their own hard-earned cash when choosing how to spend it!

The Earn & Learn® Chore Chart helps kids learn how to manage what they earn (& spend) while they are young. It's valuable skill set that will help them for the rest of their lives!


Gratitude Finder® Journals - Denise Albright®

Mood Boosting
Gratitude Journals


The Gratitude Finder® gets its name because when you set out to find the good (or bad), you always find it, so then why not set out to find the good? Its mission is to brighten thoughts and focus on the good people, experiences, and places...every day!

This gratitude journal includes all of these amazing features:

  • Questions, quotes and prompts to prime the pump for positivity throughout your journal
  • Perpetual style layout so journal daily or as frequently as you wish.
  • 52 weekly spreads with brilliantly colorful layouts
  • Each week has daily sections, three-lines for acknowledging good people or good experiences, "Words of the Week" quote bubble for jotting simple joys and a Random Act of Kindness (R.A.K.) section
  • It's the perfect size to tuck in most handbags or backpacks
  • Laminated tabs and elastic enclosure to help you locate your current week easily
  • 165 hand-illustrated smile-provoking stickers to enhance any entry (177 Stickers in Primary Styles)
Pull & Place Snap-in Twin Coil Adhesive Strips | Pack of (6) | All Bright & Cheery - Denise Albright®

NEW! Plan it All Bundle
Daily & Weekly Pads


This Bundle of TWO Planner Pads is the perfect way to get your plans prioritized on paper AND out of your head! Restore your sanity & get clarity in these crazy times.

  • One Peek at the Day™ Daily Planner
  • One MINI Peek at the Week® Weekly Planner

Peek at the Day™ Daily Planner Pad Features:

  • 52 non-dated daily sheets
  • Plan you daily schedule, meals & priorities
  • Track your daily goal, water intake, mood & productivity
  • Prioritize gratitude and highlight something good about each day
  • Lined sections & check boxes on the backside of every page
  • Pre-drilled holes - hang with your favorite ribbon or twine
  • Dry erase checklist backer card

MINI Peek at the Week® Weekly Planner Pad Features:

  • Perpetual-style 52-page undated weekly pad to begin on any week of the year with handy checklists on backside of every week.
  • Tuck it in your handbag, kitchen drawer or the pocket of your backpack.  
  • Lined sections & check boxes each day for added organization
  • Check out (and check off) the checklists on the backside of every page.
  • Stay on top of your budget, healthy meal prep, personal goals, fitness and school projects.
  • The ultra-sturdy backer card is a dry erase checklist!

Financial Goals Bundle!
Budget Binder™


This financial guidebook kit will help you compile all your necessary info in one place.
This deal includes:
  • ONE Budget Binder™ Planner [Choose from 7 styles]
  • ONE Budget Builder Sticker Set
  • ONE Pull & Place Strip Pack [6 strips]

[Budget Binder™ Planner]

This Budget Binder™ is an excellent guidebook to foster good money habits. It serves as a consistent reminder to be mindful of spending/saving every day, week & month.

Budget Binder™ Workbook features:

  • 12-month non-dated workbook
  • 354 hand-illustrated stickers to make even paying bills fun!
  • Enjoy the gratifying feeling of checking off monthly bills on the Monthly Bills checklist while keeping your credit score high
  • Trackers for income, expenses, debt & savings for any 12-month period
  • Summary worksheets to consolidate key financial factors in a single view
  • Worksheets to manage passwords, accounts & subscriptions
  • Event and holiday spending worksheets to give you visibility on totals spent
  • Tax time checklist


The Budget Builder Sticker Set includes 772 stickers of 61 unique designs.  Build your budget with these bright & colorful stickers including designs like "No Spend Zone," Dollar Bills, Take Out, Coffee, "Pay Day," Piggy Bank, Credit Cards, "Donate," Shopping Cart, "Pay Bills," Pizza, Take Out & so much more!

[Pull & Place Strips]

Whether it's coupons, flyers, lists, notes, to-do's or a photo to commemorate the week, these pull and place strips help keep your necessities inside your planner! Adding a page to any Reminder Binder® Planner, Budget Binder™ Financial Planner or Gratitude Finder® Journal is easy. Use these strips to snap into a twin coil for added pages and organization...ahhh!

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