7 Gifts of Organization That Will Change Everything about 2023

7 Gifts of Organization That Will Change Everything about 2023

When the ball drops on December 31, I'm ready with my New Year's resolutions. It includes the standard ones like drink more water, shed a few extra pounds, save money, spend more Q.T. with my family (gulp! One of mine will be in college this time next year!) and as always...Get Organized!

Well, in my 40+ years of making resolutions, I've never been successful at actually getting organized. 12 months later, I'm resolving to get organized yet again. That's all about change. This year, I'm getting organized with what I need to get organized. With the right tools, everything is about to change in 2023.

My Future Self is Thrilled. Yours Will Be, too!

Join me on this journey to get it right in 2023. If there's one thing 2022 has taught us all, if your organizational system is a house of cards, there's no way to keep it glued when life throws you a curve ball! Those with a lifestyle built on a foundation of mindful organization, they pivot and adapt without ever playing 52 pick-up!

In the new year, I want to be the adaptable type who is intentional with managing life/family/work. To get me there, I need my artillery of tools to set me up for success. My husband is always stumped by what to get me for Christmas. So, Honey, here you go! Just get me these 7 Simple Gifts of Organization (and I'll pick up a few more as gifts for you-know-who.)

#1. Be the “How does she do it?” Poster Girl in 2023

Reminder Binder® Perfect Planning Bundle

With this Reminder Binder® Perfect Planning Bundle that title will be yours. You’ve proven to keep it glued throughout the past couple years; imagine if you had an artillery of organizational tools by your side?  

This 2023-2024 Reminder Binder® Perfect Planning Bundle was created to prepare you for anything that the new year brings.

You get:

  • 18-Month Reminder Binder® Planner:  Jan 2023-June 2024. BONUS! Order now and get Dec 2022 included! Choose from two cover designs.

  • 2023 Mini Monthly Desktop Calendar:  5”x5” colorful cards for each month, cute mini stickers, holiday list & more!

  • Mini Peek-at-the-Week® Planner Pad:  8.5”x4”, non-dated pad. Perfect to tuck away in your bag for on-the-go planning.

Some features you’ll love about this brilliantly colorful, functional, easy-to-carry, hard cover planner: weekly horizontal views, monthly views with laminated tabs, yearly views, elastic band enclosure, lots of checklists, 361 planner stickers on (4) pages, dual pockets, contact pages, Dates to Remember worksheet, gift checklist, list of holidays & more!

Each Reminder Binder® comes packaged in a coordinating gift box – making it the perfect holiday gift! Stack it up, tie it with a ribbon...beautifully D.O.N.E.!

#2. Doing This 5 Minutes a Day Will Change Your Life

Gratitude Finder® Journal

This year made it easy to find everything that was, well, just wrong in the world. A gratitude journal will help retrain your brain to seek out & find the good! It’s vital to our well-being not to lose sight of all the good that still exists, too. Journaling about things for which you're grateful, especially now, will brighten your thoughts, your mood and your day!

This Gratitude Finder® Journal has helped thousands of individuals feel renewed and rejuvenated. Who doesn’t want that in their stocking this year?

Available in (16) styles, there’s a style for everyone on your list (or on your team/staff, group or troop. Each journal includes 52 non-dated weekly spreads so you can journal as frequently as you wish.

There are questions, quotes and prompts to prime the pump for positivity throughout. The water-resistant, spiral-bound cover was designed to last. It’s perfectly sized for your nightstand, desktop or a handbag to take with you to jot a thought when the moment moves you.

Each journal includes 100s of stickers, bound inside the journal. This thoughtful gift sells fast at this amazing price, especially when you consider that giving the gift of a happy heart is priceless. Get yours while the best styles are still in stock!

#3. Stay on the Money Train

Budget Binder™ Financial Planner & Accessories Kit

Most of us had a wake-up call this year when the financial floor fell out from under us. Best way to avoid an unexpected pitfall is to have a solid plan for your money, aka a budget. But what does that mean & who should do it?

Whether you're managing your household finances, just venturing out on your own or running a small business, the Budget Binder™ is your comprehensive guidebook to walk you through how to stay on track, even when the world tries to derail you.

This 12-month, non-dated binder is chock full of resources to help you plan for anything in the new year. Tip: Gift this to yourself NOW to stay on budget during the shopping frenzy.

This FUNctional hardcover binder includes: perpetual style monthly calendars; monthly goals, savings/income/expense trackers; bill tracking; holiday & event expense tracking, 100s of stickers…and so much more! The Budget Binder™ Bundle (say that 10 times fast!) includes these three ah-mazing tools to help you whip your finances into shape:

You get:

  • Budget Binder™ Financial Planner:  Available in (7) cover styles
  • Budget Stickers:  772 hand-illustrated stickers to brighten up your budget
  • Set of Pull & Place Strips (6 Strips):  Perfect for adding bills, receipts, coupons, to-do lists, etc. while serving as a bookmark to easily find your place.

Your future self called and said that this is the perfect gift! Get one for you and a budgeting buddy!

#4. Don't Judge This Based on Size Alone

List It Pocket Notebook

The List It Pocket Notebook maybe be small, but BIG on usefulness! This notebook measure 4.5” x 6” – just the right size to give you plenty of room to plan your to-dos, yet small enough to take with you on the go! This hardcover, spiral-bound notebook has a handy elastic pen loop, so your favorite pen is always right there when you need it. The pen is not included which means you can accessorize it with the perfect pen to complete the gift.

The List It Pocket Notebook includes colorful checkboxes to brighten up your To-Do list with 52 sheets!

Dazzle your favorite paper-loving gal this holiday.

#5. Peeking is Permitted for this Super Handy Gift Kit

Peek at the Week® Family Command Center

Weekly planning takes on a whole new meaning when you add in a hubby and kids to the mix. This Peek at the Week® Gift Kit is the dynamic duo of FOUR weekly planner pads to keep you (and your household) on time and your head clear. These weekly planners were designed to be placeholders for all the things swimming in your head. And when things change, you simply start a new sheet to keep things looking orderly. And sane.

With this kit, you get:

  • Peek at the Week® 8x10 (large)
  • Peek at the Week® 4x8.5 (mini)
  • Dad Pad® Man Planner
  • Meal Minder® Menu Dry Erase Board

When used in tandem, you’ll get the greatest return:

  • The 8x10 Peek at the Week® Pad keeps your tasks and goals in plan view, while the mini 4x8.5 Peek at the Week® Pad is the ideal worksheet for the pared-down view for kiddos.
  • The Dad Pad® gives your man a handy checklist of to-dos, events, activities without you having to remind him (think less nagging, more bragging!).
  • The Meal Minder® Dry Erase Menu is your sanity, money, and time saving solution that helps you manage your weekly meals while preventing the endless "MoOoOM, what are we eatingggg" comments.

Each of the weekly planner pads (Peek at the Weeks® & Dad Pad®) include 52 sheets to last you a full year. But wait, you guessed it...there’s more! Once the week is done, re-purpose each weekly sheet by using the backside for lists including "bubble style" checkboxes.

Still more...And when your pad is gone, the backer card is a handy dry erase board for shopping lists, tasks or things to remember like movies to watch or books to read.

Stuff a stocking or stack in a ribbon-tied set for every Type A person you know!

#6. 100,000 Moms Can't Be Wrong

Mom Must-Have School Keepsake Kit

The mountain of memorabilia, the social “pressure” to post the cutest First Day photo and the mom guilt of commemorating everything about your kids’ school journey...as if we needed anything else to make us feel like a #momfail.

This Class Keeper® Bundle is a real mother-saver! Every mom gets to say “Buh-bye Bins!” and “Hello” to the most creatively compact memory keeper. Available in (2) color-coordinated Sets.

You get:

  • Class Keeper® School Memory Binder
  • 17-Grade Level First/Last Day Signs

Class Keeper® School Pack Bundle is our 78-sheet + 16 pocket school memory book album — the ideal solution to easily manage kids’ keepsakes, school papers, and memories from their entire school journey! Also included is a complete deck of coordinating First & Last Day of School Photo Prop Signs for the all-important first and last day photos each year, because it’s SO much easier to remember what year that photo is when your kid is holding a tell-all sign!

This bundle makes a GREAT gift for all the moms in your life!

#7. Stickers, Stickers, & More Stickers!

The Best Planner Sticker Sets | (8) Styles

As a kid we would get excited to get a sticker from the teacher for doing a good job. Heck, as grown-ups we plaster social media with the trending theme dujour like “I Voted” stickers on our own posts!

Clearly, the love of stickers does not go away with age! With these planner stickers you can not only rekindle your own love for stickers but share the joy that you did as a kid with your own kids. Each of the eight sticker sets are brilliantly colorful & fun!

  • Busy Mom (432 Stickers) - lots of school events, play dates, sleepovers, games, practices, lessons, family fun, birthdays, special days, doctor/dentist, vacation, picnic
  • Every Gal (432 Stickers) - (no kid stickers) all major holidays, meetings, projects, household tasks, spa/pampering, vacation, coffee, shopping, birthdays, parties/celebrations, date night  
  • Get it Done, Make it FUN (342 Stickers) - checklist strips, goal thermometers, priority 1-2-3, gifting to-do's, "but firsts" and "& thens"
  • Grateful Heart Stickers (330 stickers) - elevate your attitude of gratitude with these adorable stickers including designs like darling sayings like “I can’t even”, postworthy, celebration/party, Best Day Ever, Good Hair Day, I Love Today, This is Us, Nailed It, my Happy Place, Crushed it, Best friends, Forever Friends, Like a Boss, My heart melted, travel, relax, Good Vibes, Life is Amazing, pineapples, coffee & flamingos, too!
  • Budget Builder (772 stickers) - Build your budget with these bright & colorful stickers including designs like "No Spend Zone," Dollar Bills, Take Out, Coffee, "Pay Day," Piggy Bank, Credit Cards, "Donate," Shopping Cart, "Pay Bills," Pizza, Take Out & so much more!
  • Dad Pad Man Stickers (644 Stickers) - He'll never admit it, but stickers help him notice what he should! Add these "man" stickers to his own weekly view to help him stay on task with events he needs to attend, tasks he needs to do and let's be honest, remembering your birthday and anniversary!  
  • Girl Power School Stickers (412 stickers) - These adorable stickers are great for kids and include designs like unicorns, clubs, backpacks, school supplies, school subjects, and events such as Grandparents Day, Field Day, Lunch with Mom, Field Trip and more!
  • School Rocks Stickers (404 stickers) - These awesome stickers are great for kids and include designs like monsters, sports, backpacks, school supplies, school subjects, and events such as Grandparents Day, Field Day, Lunch with Mom, Field Trip and more!

Sticker designs for everyday reminders, special events, GNO, checklists, positive thoughts, cute cartoon animals, school events, subjects, holidays, bills, payday, appointments, tasks, dining, dates & more, there is a sticker (or two) for just about everything you need as a busy mom!

Stuff mom’s stocking with something that will make her feel like the kid-on-Christmas-morn again!

Don't miss out on the ah-mazing deals going on now!
Grab some for yourself & your tribe. With organized schedules, you'll have more time for a GNO (or two...or three...).

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