Gift Card - Best. Gift. Ever. Starting at $5...

$ 5.00

Sisters.  Moms.  Teachers.  Sitters.  Roommates.  Nieces.  Besties. 

She's picky, right?  Then give her the gift of choice with a Denise Albright® gift card.  You choose the right denomination that suits your "giftee" perfectly!


How will I receive my gift card?

Gift cards are delivered by email (to the email on the buyer's account) immediately following your successfully submitted order.  Simply forward the email to the rightful recipient...maybe add type a little note with it!

Can I get something to wrap-up as a gift?

YES!  You can download this FREE Digital Download of a Gift Card Certificate.  The Gift Card Certificate has NO VALUE until you write-in your Gift Card Code from making this purchase.  Get this FREE Gift Certificate here.

How are they redeemed?

Each gift card email contains a unique "shop now" link that automatically applies the gift card amount to the shopping trip.  The unique code is also included on the email if the recipient prefers to copy/paste it into the gift card field at check out.  These redemption instructions are included on the gift card email.

Are there any additional fees?

Our gift cards have no additional processing fees.

What if her order is more (or less than) the value of the gift card?

Applying the gift card to any order will reduce the amount owed on that order by the value of the gift card.  If there is a balance due, the individual will choose an additional form for payment for the balance.  If the value of the order is less than the gift card, any unused amount will remain on that gift card to be used another time.  

Do Gift Cards expire?

No.  Gift Cards never expire.

Can I use a Gift Card to pay for shipping?

Yes.  Gift Cards are as good as cash, applicable to both merchandise and shipping costs.

Can I use a Gift Card to pay for an order AND use a discount code on the same order?


Can I use a discount code to buy a Gift Card?

Sorry, most discounts are not applicable to Gift Cards.