Imperfectly Perfect Class Keeper® Easiest School Days Memory Book

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Ouch Bubble

Ship happens. Sometimes the outside keepsake box & binder cover can get some bumps & bruises in transit. Yet, the inside pages are perfect! Hence, this Imperfectly Perfect sale.


All Class Keepers® on this deal will have imperfections on the outside box and binder cover. Scroll to see some examples of the imperfections.  Look for the "squiggly arrow" pointing to it. However, all the inside pages & pockets are perfect. So you will still enjoy all the amazing functionality of the Class Keeper® the most amazing deal price, ever. 


Now let's share all the features you'll love about your Class Keeper®: Memories to remember for a lifetime + clean counters all wrapped up in one, compact keepsake binder!

This Class Keeper® is a creatively compact, easy-to-use scrapbook that will help you & your child capture the good stuff from their school journey.  Using this keepsake binder and you'll create something that you both will enjoy having for years to come!  

Say buh-bye to all those bins! May no bins of keepsakes ever exist! (You know, like the bins our own parents gave to us that we don't know what to do with.)  

Follow the simple guidelines and template pages of what to add and where to put it.  In the end, you will have a beautiful (compact) collection of “the good stuff” that you'll cherish for years.

But wait, now there's MORE!

  • Do you have oversized artwork or 3D masterpieces made of painted macaroni that just won't fit?
  • Do have 100s of photos you wish to commemorate before they get buried in the abyss of images on your phone?
  • Do you freeze when you have to compose a caption on a photo you post to social media for everyone to see...and gulp, judge?
  • Do you get frustrated searching for photos and can't seem to find them?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then you'll be thrilled to know there's a simple solution to all your woes.

As if the Class Keeper® couldn't get any better, it just did!  Just Released!  Now there's a companion app to take your CK to the next level of power-momming!  The app is TOTALLY optional but highly recommended to use alongside your Class Keeper® Binder.

Class Keeper® App

Learn More About the Class Keeper® App

Choose from two styles: 

  • Pastel Polka Dots
  • Primary Stripes

      Class Keeper® features:

      • Includes sections for preschool to college. 
      • Any grade section can easily be removed if you’re starting this for a 2nd grader or choose to stop after 8th grade, for example.  Simply remove unused pages easily.
      • The grade range is not published anywhere on the binder or box by design.  So removing an incomplete section will never be known! 

      Each section includes:

      • “Words of Wisdom” page with quote bubbles that are just the right size for a meaningful note from several loved ones, including a note from the child to him/herself.  
      • First Day/Last Day template pages with side-by-side photo placement to see how much your child changed in a single school year!  Ah-mazing transformation!
      • Placeholder for fun facts & favorites plus darling questions to gather answers that will melt you.  
      • Two full-size photo pages including one large enough for the 8x10 class photo. 
      • Pockets for keepsakes that are wide enough for 8.5 x 11 size sheets of paper...yes!  A pocket for every grade!

      Other features you didn’t even know you needed: 

      • Personalize (DIY) the keepsake box binding and the inside title page with your child’s name.  Makes for a neat-looking stack on any shelf...not a bin in a corner of the attic.
      • Capture a photo of the first year in school and one from graduation on the same spread - then swoon over how they grew from precious to poised so quickly!
      • Wallet photo spread - attach a wallet-sized photo (or one that you trim to size) for every year to create a single view of your child over the years!  (Finally, a placeholder for these wallet photos that you will cherish!)
      • Writing style - have your child write their name and date it each year.  So cool to see their penmanship evolve!
      • Three-ring style bindery with plenty of room to add more pages if you wish.  Tip:  Use the bookmark ruler as a template to punch holes into additional pages.  (Yes, we tried to think of everything a mom would love.)
      • Halloween spread - can’t remember which years he was a zombie and she was a mermaid? Jot the costume and year on this page. Add photos to the facing photo page to show off that pretty unicorn or handsome hero!
      • Bonus photo pages in the back of every binder, too!
      • Durable binder cover including metal corner reinforcements to last for decades!
      • Color coordinating keepsake gift box to have and to hold (and easily move from house to house, too!). 

        Item Specifications:

        • Actual size: 14 x 10 x 2.5 inches (includes keepsake box)
        • Bindery:  custom D-ring (3-rings)
        • Weight:  3lbs. 14oz (includes keepsake box)

        Important imperfection details:

        • The imperfections vary on each item. Not every imperfection shown is on every item, but rather each item has just 1-2 minor imperfections on the box and 1-2 imperfections on the cover. By purchasing this Class Keeper® on this deal, you understand that there will be imperfections similar to what you see on the images here. 

        Note:  Stickers and First/Last Day of School Signs are shown for styling purposes only. Stickers and signs are not included in this deal.