The Ultimate Budget Binder™ Financial Planner Mega Bundle

$ 329.00 $ 199.00

Get your finances on's gonna be a GREAT year!  Make it greater by getting intentional with your money and financial success will be yours!  You can't map out your future if you don't know where you are.  This financial guidebook kit will help you compile all your necessary info in one place.

This Budget Binder™ is an excellent guidebook to foster good money habits.  It serves as a consistent reminder to be mindful of spending/saving every day, week & month.  Using this binder and completing the worksheets, over time you will not only learn valuable life skills but you'll also build a strong credit score, too!

The first step of this journey to financial success is yours to make. Getting your own finances on track is proof that YOU are part of the solution in securing our country's future. 

This bundle includes 17 products:
  • SEVEN Budget Binder™ Planners [ONE of Each Style]
  • TWO Budget Builder Sticker Sets
  • TWO Peek at the Week® Planner Pad
  • TWO Mini Peek at the Week® Planner Pad
  • TWO Pocket Notebooks - List It
    • TWO Pull & Place Strip Pack [6 strips]

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