Budget Binder™ Bill Tracker Financial Planner | Leopard

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Stop admiring the idea of being financially secure and make it a reality!  This workbook guides you through it...to make it easy, not scary! Pinky promise.

Not sure where to begin?  No thinking about what you need.  No need to register an account or password.  No scouring the internet for forms to download.

It's all right here...bound together with easy-to-use pages...oh, and stickers, too!

This Budget Binder™ is an excellent guidebook to foster good money habits.  It serves as a consistent reminder to be mindful of spending/saving every day, week & month.  Using this binder and completing the worksheets, over time you will not only learn valuable life skills but you'll also build a strong credit score, too!

The first step of this journey to financial success is yours to make. Getting your own finances on track is proof that YOU are part of the solution in securing our country's future. 

Choose from (7) Cover Styles in the Preppy 'n' Pink theme: (inside content is the same in all styles)

  1. Leopard
  2. Wavy
  3. Geo
  4. Speckles
  5. Stripes
  6. Chevi
  7. Dots

Read the features below or watch this 3-minute video as we flip through the binder:  


Here are the tools and features you'll love:

  • 12-month non-dated workbook
  • 354 hand-illustrated stickers to make even paying bills fun!
  • Enjoy the gratifying feeling of checking off monthly bills on the Monthly Bills checklist while keeping your credit score high
  • Trackers for income, expenses, debt & savings for any 12-month period
  • Summary worksheets to consolidate key financial factors in a single view
  • Worksheets to manage passwords, accounts & subscriptions
  • Event and holiday spending worksheets to give you visibility on totals spent
  • Tax time checklist

Each monthly section includes:

  • Monthly calendar with notes
  • Goals for that month
  • Savings tracker
  • Income tracker 
  • Expense tracker complete with a secondary itemized worksheet for each major expense category 
  • TIP:  use the handy bookmark to snap into your current month for quick access.


Item Specifications:

  • Total sheets:  78 pages + 8 laminated tabs
  • Sticker count:  354 assorted stickers
  • Actual size:  8.5 x 7 x .75 inches 
  • Bindery:  White metal twin coil (Fits the Pull & Place Strips)
  • Weight:  16 oz.