NEW! Peek Your Plan Bundle | Peek at the Day™ + Mini Peek at the Week®

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Don’t Let the Day Get Away!

Make the most of your day when you organize & prioritize all you need to do in a day in the Peek at the Day™. List out your top priorities, tasks, schedule, meals & wellness trackers to create a daily plan that’s easy to tackle. Even better? Bundled with the Mini Peek at the Week® you can have the important tasks/events/appointments noted at a glance!

Take 7 minutes and jot them all'll be amazed how liberating that will feel! Not to mention, clearing your mind will give you greater clarity on the things you actually need to accomplish today.

This Bundle of TWO Planner Pads is the perfect way to get your plans prioritized on paper AND out of your head! Restore your sanity & get clarity in these crazy times.

  • One Peek at the Day™ Daily Planner
  • One MINI Peek at the Week® Weekly Planner

Peek at the Day™ Daily Planner Pad Features:

  • 52 non-dated daily sheets
  • Plan you daily schedule, meals & priorities
  • Track your daily goal, water intake, mood & productivity
  • Prioritize gratitude and highlight something good about each day
  • Lined sections & check boxes on the backside of every page
  • Pre-drilled holes - hang with your favorite ribbon or twine
  • Dry erase checklist backer card

MINI Peek at the Week® Weekly Planner Pad Features:

  • Perpetual-style 52-page undated weekly pad to begin on any week of the year with handy checklists on backside of every week. Who doesn't love lists?
  • Perfectly size to jot & trot!  Tuck it in your handbag, kitchen drawer or the pocket of your backpack.  
  • Lined sections & check boxes each day for added organization
  • Check out (and check off) the checklists on the backside of every page. It's also great for taking notes!
  • Stay on top of your budget, healthy meal prep, personal goals, fitness and school projects.
  • Fresh & functional design and colors make this an ideal gift for a teacher, college student or busy mom. 
  • The ultra-sturdy backer card is a dry erase checklist!  Use it for your to-do's, tasks or groceries.

Item Specifications: 

  • Total sheets:  each pad has 52 sheets + dry erase backer card
  • Actual sizes:  (Peek at the Day™) is 8x10 inches, (Mini Peek at the Week®) is 4x8.5 inches
  • Bindery:  Gummed Pad
  • Peek at the Day™ is drilled with 3 holes for hanging or adding to a standard 3-ring binder