Be the Hostess with the Most-est!

You're on your way to a great Giveaway! Now that you have your tool box it's time to get started on your campaign planning.

Tips & Reminders to Get Started:

  1. Download your Assets.
    Your WeTransfer link containing your digital assets is only available for (5) days, so make sure you download and save your files soon (even if you don't use them right away.) Is your link expired? Email us

  2. Create your own Landing Page for a Branded Experience.
    Use the HTML code we provided in the email to embed your Giveaway entry form on your website. Simply copy/paste the code provided into the code of a page on your site. It's pretty easy to do, most website platform have directives in their help section.

  3. Use a vanity URL.
    Also known as a URL redirect, a vanity URL helps you make a "pretty" link that's easily retyped and remembered rather than the long, ugly link that the Giveaway platform generates. e.g. This, too, is easy to do, if you need help, visit the help section of your website platform.

Once your website and links are ready to rock & roll, it's time to promote your Giveaway!

Let's plan and promote your Giveaway campaign:


Make a schedule

Now that you've decided your Giveaway launch date, here's a promotional timeline:

2-4 Days before your Giveaway is live:
Send a teaser to your audience about something exciting launching soon.

1-3 Days before:
Create a social post about an item or few included in your Giveaway and how you it helps you. Allude to something exciting that's coming up that could be related to the items you showcase.

Day of:
Big Reveal of the FREE-to-Enter Giveaway for $$$ in prizes delivered to your door!

Last Day:
Remind your audience of the "Last Chance" or "Final Hours" for a Chance to WIN a Suite of Sanity-saving Goodies!

Best Times* to Post/Email:
Avoid windows when your audience is likely engaged in family activities.

*Based on our engagement data. This could vary for you.


The Omni-Channel Approach

Meet your audience where they are. Considering it takes most viewers seeing a promotion a few times before engaging, be sure to spread the news of your Giveaway in all your available channels to build familiarity & comfortability.

Your Website/Blog
All your digital assets include your logo, however, you can take it to the next level by creating your own landing page on your site by embedding the HTML code we provide. When you embed the code, it pulls in all the Giveaway content including the banner, too, making it super easy to create a professional & fully-functional page. Create a vanity URL or redirect for this page for your convenience in sharing & viewer retention. e.g.

BONUS: Navigating to a familiar site like yours to enter your Giveaway will increase viewer engagement.

Pro Tip: Add the other banner 1400 x 300 to your homepage or footer on other webpages and link to this new landing page on your site.


Send an eBlast announcing the launch of your Giveaway, then another just before it ends.

Use an intriguing subject line like one of these:

  • Only open if you like Free Stuff
  • This is my new favorite product & you could WIN it
  • This has your name written all over it...
  • I've never done this before
  • What if this was under your tree this holiday...
  • Last chance to get in on this

Pro Tip: Use the square assets on your email since it will show much better on mobile devices without having to zoom.


Social Media

  • Add to your stories using the 1080 x 1920 asset.
  • Create a post using the square assets
  • Videos are King👑! Create a Reel or TikTok video using a trending audio showcasing how the prize items work, excitement about Winning $100s of organizational goodies, offer ideas how to use an item in your Giveaway. See some sample below.
  • Always add a Call to Action (CTA) on your posts like "Enter this Giveaway before it ends!" or "No Mo' F.O.M.O. enter for a chance to WIN before you miss out!"

Pro Tip:  For the duration of your Giveaway, add the link to your Giveaway (or link to your new landing page) to your caption and your profile to make it easy for your followers to find it. Then you can use the phrase, "Use the link in my bio to enter!"


A Successful Campaign Counts on YOU

This Giveaway can't promote itself, ya know! You have the tools to build & execute an engaging campaign that will delight your fans & create new ones. Much like any tool, it takes a little humanity to make it work like it should.  

Winning Formula:

A Done-for-You Giveaway Package + a Fabulous Prize + YOU = SUCCESS

We are standing by if there's anything more we can do to help you. Cheers to a successful campaign!

Denise Albright

Need help? Email us or Call 619-916-3322