Everything You Want to Know About the Pull & Place Strips

Pull & Place Strips

Tired of losing important slips & receipts?
Can't find the invitation with all the details?
Wish you could add photos to enhance your journal?  

Now you can keep them ALL in ONE, easy-to-find place, right where you need it.

The Pull & Place Strips easily snap into the coil binding in all Denise Albright® coil-bound products, in 3 simple steps!

Step 1.  Pull off the sticker to expose the adhesive strip.
Step 2.  Attach any paper item to the adhesive strip.
Step 3.  Snap it into the coil binding! Done!

Move it from place to place in your coiled binder as you wish!

The Pull & Place Strips fit in ALL Our Coil Bound Products
6 Pull & Place Strips

No more searching the bottom of your handbag or in between car seats for the all-important papers.
Snap them right into the coil binding of your favorite
Denise Albright® binder, journal or notepad,
where they will STAY safe & secure until you need them.

Insert the Pull & Place Strips into your Gratitude Finder® Journal
Insert the Pull & Place Strips into your Reminder Binder® Planner
Insert the Pull & Place Strips into your Budget Binder™

Ideas & Ways you can use your Pull & Place Strips by Denise Albright®

Keeping it all together these days is already a juggling act. You've got your entire household's schedules & events (on top of your own) to orchestrate.

You need something to make your life EASY!

The Pull & Place Strips were designed to fit perfectly in any Denise Albright® coil-bound product.

You're already using our goods to keep yourself organized, so these snap-in strips take it to a whole new level of organization!

With the strong, 3M adhesive and the sturdy plastic, these strips are perfect for inserting any paper documents or photos you wish to keep.

Whether you're commemorating a favorite memory, attaching the all-important event details or creating your own fun bookmark, these strips will make it simple to keep everything together.  Ahhh...

How to use your Pull & Place Strips. Watch Now:


Whether it's coupons, flyers, lists, notes, to-do's or a photo to commemorate the week, these pull and place strips help keep your necessities inside your planner!

Adding a page to any Reminder Binder® Planner, Budget Binder™ Financial Planner or Gratitude Finder® Journal is easy. Use these strips to snap into a twin coil for added pages and organization...ahhh!

  • Easily snaps into twin coils like a removable bookmark
  • Great for added lists, flyers, organizational grids or a photo to save a memory for that week
  • Transparent plastic, 5" x 1.125"
  • Permanent adhesive to keep pages in place
  • Each pack includes (6) Pull & Place strips
  • Fits Denise Albright® twin coil planners [Reminder Binder®, Budget Binder®, Pocket Notebook, & Gratitude Finder®]
  • See specification graphic among the images
  • Watch a how-to video here:

Item Specifications:

  • Actual size: 5 x 1.125 inches
  • Set includes (6) transparent plastic strips. (note: material is transparent, however not completely clear)
  • Adhesive is permanent

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