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Download the Class Keeper® App and try it out for 30 days. When you’ve realized how much time, space and guilt it saves you, become a member.

Whether your kids are just getting started, starting middle school or even graduated, this system can work for you. It will help you rid your basement or attic of all those space-hogging bins and organize it all in a way that you will love today and your kids will appreciate so much more in the future.

Because psst…they sure don’t want those musty bins in 20 years any more than you wanted the ones from your own childhood.

Do you...

  • Feel overwhelmed by the wall of storage bins filled with crafts and keepsakes
  • Suffer from mom-guilt for never finishing (or starting) your kid’s baby book
  • Have 10,000+ of photos on your phone making it nearly impossible to find that special photo
  • Wish you could relive those silly/funny/precious stories from your kid’s early childhood
  • Own a mobile device

Then this app was made for you!

See why people are loving the Class Keeper® App!

We're busy parents, too.

That's why we created the world's easiest memory organizing app. As a parent, we juggle 87 things every day to keep everyone & everything moving in the right direction. Our kids are growing up as jpegs on our phones and fleeting posts on social media.

The Class Keeper® app helps you safely keep all the best childhood memories as they are happening or pulled from years past. It’s your private placeholder for unlimited photos and stories.

Organize keepsakes in less time than it takes to order a latte.

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1:
Get the App

Step 2:
Create an Account

On your mobile device, open the app and swipe to "Join the Class Keeper®." Enter your details and then tap join.

Step 3:
Start Keepin'

Create your child profile by tapping on the “smile.” Now you're ready to organize those must-keep memories in a mess-free, stress-free way!

Buh-Bye Bins

Makin’ the Grade

Each profile includes grade albums for preschool through college. Add first/last day photos and use the prompts to record fun facts & favorite things to create your own time capsule. Upload the class photo & all the special keepsake pics to each grade.

PRO TIP: Take the first or last day photo directly in the app!

Sharing is Caring

Share your child’s profile with any loved one who is a part of your child’s journey. The Class Keeper® app provides one centralized location where you’re in control of who sees and contributes to your content.

PRO TIP: Invite your childcare provider to capture the moments you miss!

Private Photo Storage

Watch Them Grow Up

Your First and Last Day Highlight Reel will automatically pull all the photos from your child's school years into one cohesive series.

Swipe through the highlight reel to watch your child transform from an adorable preschooler to an accomplished grad!

That's a Keeper!

Your kid/grandkids have done & said some of the cutest, funniest, darndest things! You want to remember them forever! The Keepers section is your designated place to log all your favorite stories, classic moments and tales for each child. Create them as text only or enrich the story with as many photos as you wish.

Keepers is your vault for all those stories to be right where you can find them any time!

PRO TIP: Invite your spouse to be a co-editor so that you both can upload stories to share.

See why people are loving the Class Keeper® App!

See why people are loving the Class Keeper® App!
See why people are loving the Class Keeper® App!

Need Help Getting Started…Call in the Pros

Trending shows like The Home Edit have opened our eyes to the benefits of hiring a pro to help us get organized! Need to catch-up on digitizing & uploading all those bins stacked-up in your storage space? Simply share your child's profile with a professional organizer as a co-editor. In fact, many pro organizers will pick-up your bins from your home & complete the task off-site while you can watch the progress right from your own device. You can revoke access when the project's done or arrange a maintenance plan to manage the mountain of keepsakes throughout the year.

Looking for a Pro Organizer who's Class Keeper® Certified?

Email us.

NEW! Class Keeper® Easiest Kids' Keepsake
Mobile App Membership

As our way of thanking you for being part of history, you will enjoy an annual membership for an amazing introductory price of just $39.99 for a limited time. Regular annual membership is $59.99.

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