It's Time for Your NEXT Reminder Binder®!

Looking for your planner refresh?

We have your next Reminder Binder® planner ready to ship! But there's a twist...

In the spirit of always giving you honest straight talk, we are not publishing the July 2022 thru December 2023 Reminder Binder® planner.

BUT as I mentioned, we have your next planner to pick-up where yours leaves off with a bonus 50% OFF!

Watch my video message below to hear "the why" behind this decision or keep reading...

☝🏻 Pay no attention to the dark blob in the bottom right corner, btw. Clearly, our A-V director needs to polish her set building skills!

Let's get your next planner to you! We are holding one for you!

In stock now is the Reminder Binder® that started in 2022 so it picks up where yours end this June 2022 and is good thru June 2023.  

Look in your current planner, just before March 2022, to find your 50% off code JULY2250. Given the time of year, it should be right where you're lookin'!

That 50% off code is active NOW!  

What's more?

When you use your code today, you get the in-stock Reminder Binder® that is good now thru June of 2023 already ON SALE with an additional 50% OFF.

AND wait, there's even MORE...

The 50% OFF code will be applied to your entire* order! But it's a one-time code with a limited time use, so use it soon & make it count!

Use the code:


at checkout to get 50% OFF your new planner & more!

Looking ahead? Good, we are, too! We WILL resume our regular publication schedule for Reminder Binder® planners in the future. Rest assured when you need your next-next one in June of 2023, there will be a new planner waiting for you.

We appreciate your patience and as always, your support!

Denise Albright

*Discount code JULY2250 details: Limited time offer | Single use | Excludes Gift Cards & Shipping | Only one discount code per order