Thanks for Voting in the
Reminder Binder® Loves Teachers Giveaway!

Thank you for voting in the

Reminder Binder® Loves Teachers Giveaway

& showing your school spirit!


Earn bonus entries by completing the tasks on the entry form below

for your chance to WIN a $25 gift card to our shop!

TWO winners will be chosen every Wednesday for the duration of the contest!

Voting is open thru April 15th, so help your school

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Here are 3 Things You Can Do Right Now to give your school a boost:

STEP 1: Download this Checklist of Campaign Tips

When you post the image on social media, remember to:

  1. Tag @denisealbrightstudio in the caption.
  2. Use the hashtag #TeachersLoveRB or #RBLT.
  3. Enhance your post by adding a photo or video of your own showing your School Spirit! [Optional]
  4. Most importantly:  ASK your followers to Vote for Your School using this link:  TIP: Remember to include the NAME OF YOUR SCHOOL in your post, too.

Here's a caption you can use for your own post or text:

Hey! I just entered my kids’ school into a contest to WIN a planner for every teacher in the entire school! To win, we need to gather votes. The top 10 schools WIN!

No purchase necessary, just visit, enter your email & click on the link to vote for my school:  (put your school’s name here)  

Can I count on your vote? Speaking of counting, they’ll count the votes on April 15th. So just be sure you vote by then.

Anyone can vote, so will you forward this text to others?

Thanks in advance! You’re THE Best!

STEP 3: Download & Post/Hand Out This Flyer Around the School!

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(Schools MUST be located in (or have a shipping address in) the contiguous 48 states to be qualified to enter.)

10 Winners

Voting closes on April 15th.

The winners will be announced & notified on April 16, 2022.


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