Welcome, Professional Organizers!

Our mission is to make you shine for your clients!

Below is an overview of your earning potential PLUS, 5 Easy Steps to Get You Up & Earning TODAY!

Your earning potential:

As a VIP Affiliate, you’ll earn a $10 bounty for each new membership purchased on our site for the Class Keeper® App*. The sky's the limit for your earning potential with a mobile app that works worldwide, btw!

The bounty can generate nice income for you, but listen to this 13-minute Podcast about how pro organizers are using the Class Keeper® App to grow their menu of services to take their income to new heights!

Carly Adams of Tidy Revival tells how she “gets a YES from clients in one second.”

As an added bonus, we started you at the highest commission tier, aka “Cherry-on-top,” earning a 20% commission for merchandise sales for the first 90 days regardless of gross revenue. After 90 days, your account performance will be evaluated using the tiered commission rates below.

Your $10 bounty for new memberships purchased on our site* will continue to be yours across all tiers!

Pro Tip:  Create an affiliate link directly to the Class Keeper® Membership on our site and share that link in your social bios, on the footer of your site & emails and print the QR code on your business card and lead magnets. Scroll down to #4 below to learn how to create your affiliate links.

  5 Quick Steps to Get You Up & Earning…TODAY!

1. Get Your Sample Products with your Exclusive Discount Code

  1. Shop our site.
  2. Fill that cart!
  3. Enter your exclusive code** provided in the email at checkout.
  4. Get Free Shipping when your order is $75 or more after discount.  

Your discount code is in your Welcome email. If you can't find it, use the chat during biz hours or email us.

Pro Tip: Stack your discount code on the Mega Bundles that are already value-priced for the best deal, ever!

2. Download (& start using) The Class Keeper® Mobile App!

If you haven’t already done so, purchase your Class Keeper® App membership from our website. You will receive an email with your redemption code.

Download the app from the App Store and create your account.

Pro Tip:  You will automatically receive a 30-day FREE trial, so hold on to your redemption code until your free trial ends!

3. Promote what’s happening at Denise Albright®

Every month we offer amazing deals & promotions on our site…your clients will ❤ them, too! Bookmark the Scoop Troop™ Affiliate Campaign Calendar to stay up-to-date on all of our promotions so you can share the best offers & deals with your clients.

Any purchases your client makes within 40 days of using your link will earn you commission!

Pro Tip:  Share your link regularly with your clients. Not only will your clients appreciate you keeping them informed of the best offers of the season, but it’ll “reset” the 40-Day window and keep your commissions flowing in, too!

FREE Lead Magnet Printables

4. Take advantage of your free affiliate tools

As a member of the Scoop Troop™, you have full access to our marketing assets and product catalog through your Impact account. You will also create all of your tracking links through GoAffPro. Check out the How-to Guide to Create Tracking Links to create your links and QR Codes.

BONUS Tools: FREE Lead Magnets

Your clients love when you set-up new systems for them. And they REALLY love it when you give them turn-key tools to help them stick to it! So, let’s make them REALLY love you…

Now that you watched the how-to video about creating tracking links, if you email us and attach your QR Code. We’ll return a set of our most popular digital downloads including a mini-QR-card with YOUR affiliate QR code on them.

Then, you can:

  1. Share these files with your clients digitally or print them and deliver them in person.
  2. Print & laminate your mini-QR-card for easy access on your keychain, handbag or hook to your organizer tool bag for any in-person referral.

Please allow 3-5 days for your customized lead magnets.

5. Sending you referrals: Can we add you to our Pro Organizer Directory?

Let's Grow! As we roll out this Class Keeper® App, new members are asking how to get caught-up with the bins they already have. They could use your help. We'll send them your way! We'd love to get to know you a little better and where to send prospective clients. It will take just a few minutes to complete our Get-to-Know You form.  

I know this is a lot to digest all at once, so we are standing by to help answer any questions. In fact, we're happy to circle-up for an onboarding call. We can learn more about your business & solidify your strategies to make this program take your business to new heights! 😊

Can’t wait to send your first commission check!


*For proper affiliate tracking, app memberships must be purchased on our site. Post-purchase, the buyer receives a redemption code to be redeemed in the Class Keeper® app directly or in the App Store.

**Discount code details: Single use | Excludes Gift Cards & Shipping | Only one discount code per order | Samples cannot be used for resale | Commission will not be paid on orders you place through your own affiliate links. Free Shipping is based on order value after applicable discounts.