Class Keeper® Easiest Kids' Keepsake Mobile App Membership

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Welcome to your easy-to-use, digital solution
to keep ALL the memories without keeping
all the totes, bins, boxes & clutter.

Do You...

  • Have 87 bins of unorganized kids' keepsakes cluttering your attic/garage/closets?
  • Feel overwhelmed with clutter piling up from incoming crafts & keepsakes?
  • Suffer from mom-guilt for not having a Pinterest-perfect album/keepsake?
  • Have scattered notes of quotes from your kids in your drawers/notes app?
  • Struggle to remember your kids' Halloween costume from 3 years ago?

If so, this mobile app is for you!

Designed to be a companion to the Class Keeper® Keepsake Binder OR standalone, the app includes fan-favorite features from the Class Keeper® that you can now hold in the palm of your hand!

The Class Keeper® App Helps You:

  • Easily organize all of your kids' memories to search & filter at your fingertips with separate Child Profiles & tagging options
  • Capture the BiG stuff like extra large artwork, awards & more without taking up space with Custom Photo Albums
  • Keep those First/Last Day of School photos w/the option to include their fave things that year
  • Watch them transform from a wee babe to a towering teen with the Birthday Photo Album & Highlight Reel
  • Invite loved ones to enjoy the memories & add their own (Yes, that means your spouse can add keepsakes from their own phone, too!)
  • Keep the memories you'd prefer to not post on social media
  • And so much more!

Features You'll LOVE:

  • Unlimited photo storage
  • Unlimited profiles with done-for-you sections
  • Private, safe & secure <<<with military-grade security, no kidding!
  • Share with friends & family
  • Search & see memories any time
  • Auto-generated Highlight Reels

You get:

  • One full year membership to the Class Keeper® App
  • Unlimited photo storage
  • An email with instructions to "Unlock your Membership"

Do you know someone who would love this app, too?

Then gift her a membership of her own!

Here's how in 3 Steps:

  1. Add any quantity of memberships to your cart.
  2. When you get the email with instructions to unlock your membership, it'll include a membership code for every membership you purchased.
  3. Simply share those instructions by forwarding the email to your gift recipient OR print the Gift Certificate linked on that email (also shown below) and include the code provided on that Gift Certificate.

    Clutter-Free Gift

    Get her the perfect, clutter-free gift to clear her counters, empty those bins and organize her favorite memories. The Class Keeper® App is truly the gift that keeps on giving the whole year round!

    If you want to "wrap something up," simply add this print-ready Gift Certificate to your cart. *Note:  This printable has no value until you write in the redemption code.*

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    This Mobile App is the perfect enhancement to the Class Keeper® School Memory Binder!

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