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Does this sound like you?
A couple/few kids, 27 events, 187 things on the to-do list with just 48 hours to get it all done. #ParentLife, we get it. We want to make it easier for you with FOUR planner pads that will make you an unstoppable family!

This bundled set includes FOUR 52-Week Weekly Planner Pads:

  • One Peek at the Week® Weekly Planner Pad
  • One MINI Peek at the Week® Weekly Planner Pad to match
  • One Dad Pad® Weekly Planner Pad
  • One Meal Minder® Dry Erase Menu Board

[Peek at the Week®]

Have a few hundred things on your to-do list right now? I bet you could rattle off about 87 things swimming in your mind right now and fret about the other 17 you just can't remember. Sound about right?

Take 7 minutes and jot them'll be amazed how liberating that will feel!  Not to mention, clearing your mind will give you greater clarity on the things you actually need to accomplish.  

You can see your list and strategize how to tackle each one. Categorize your tasks into Must Do, Could Do, Should Do to prioritize the BIG WINS for the day/week & identify what can wait. 

Features you'll love about your Peek at the Week®:

  • Allow yourself the time to transcribe your thoughts onto paper.  This process alone will be more mind-liberating than you can imagine!
  • 52 non-dated weekly pages...use it every week or as needed, you choose!
  • Highlight the key events each day on the weekly row across the top
  • Assign tasks in priority levels:  Must Do, Should Do and Could Do
  • Note your Goals...big or small, reach 'em ALL!
  • Win at follow-up/follow-through by listing your calls & emails for the week
  • Re-purpose each weekly sheet by using the backside for lists including "bubble style" check boxes.
  • Put it in view!  Use the pre-drilled holes to hang with your favorite ribbon or twine.
  • When your pad is gone...the backer card is a handy dry erase board for shopping lists, tasks or things to remember like movies to watch or books to read.
  • Great for students of all ages!  (well, for those old enough to write, that is.)

    [MINI - Peek at the Week®]

    Peek at the Week® Weekly Planner Pad features:

    • 52-week non-dated weekly worksheets
    • Ideal place to jot down the "high-level" must-knows for yourself.  TIP:  create a sheet for each family member, too!
    • Handy checklists on the backside of every week…who doesn't love lists?
    • Perfectly size to fit next to your keyboard, the kids’ computer, kitchen counter or night stand.
    • Lined sections & check boxes each day for added organization
    • BONUS! The ultra-sturdy backer card is a dry erase checklist!  Use it for your to-do's (the kids’ to-do’s), tasks or groceries.

    [Dad Pad®]

    Always reminding/asking is exhausting...for both you AND your man.  Make it easy on both of you and write down his to-dos and tasks so that you can set it and forget it! He can check off what's done so that you can stop yelling, "Hey, Hon!"

    Instead you'll get to boast about how much your man gets D.O.N.E. all on his own, wink! 

    Less Nagging, MORE Bragging!

    Fill-in all the week's reminders in one-place in writing...just the way most dads need it!

    • 52 weekly pages
    • 10" x 8" pad, drilled for easy hanging
    • Sections for events each day, to-do Tackle Box, Coming up & notes for Top News of the week.
    • Perforated Tear Sheet to jot and trot!
    • Handy checklists on the reverse of every page

       [Meal Minder® Dry Erase Menu Board]

      Get the fan-favorite, “Dinner this Week” dry-erase board to hang in your kitchen!  You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.   Buh-bye endless question of “What’s for Dinner, Mom?”

      Drilled with 2-holes to hang it as you wish.  B.Y.O.R.  Bring Your Own Ribbon to hang it.


        Item Specifications: 

        Peek at the Week® Planner Pad:

        • Actual size:  10 x 8 x .25 inches
        • Bindery:  Gummed Pad
        • Drilled with three holes for standard 3-ring binders, hanging or twine/ribbon for styling
        • Pad weight:  10 oz.

        MINI - Peek at the Week® Planner Pad:

        • Actual size:  8.5 x 4 x .25 inches
        • Bindery:  Gummed Pad
        • Pad weight:  6 oz.

        Dad Pad® Weekly Planner Pad:

        • Actual size:  10 x 8 x .25 inches
        • Bindery:  Gummed Pad
        • Drilled with three holes for standard 3-ring binders, hanging or twine/ribbon for styling
        • Pad weight:  10 oz.

        Meal Minder® Dry Erase Menu Board:

        • Actual size:  10 x 8 x .25 inches 
        • Weight:  5 oz.

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