Gratitude Journals Bundle of 3 Gratitude Finder® Journals | $29 Deal

$ 54.97 $ 29.00

This bundle of THREE Gratitude Finder® Journals is the perfect gift-giving bundle! Stock up on journals to give to friends, moms, sisters, daughters, grandmas, teachers, teens, tweens, and everyone in between!

Ready to transform your life with a positive mindset? Gratitude journaling will help your happy thoughts shine through...and others around you will soak in all the positivity!

Q.  What is the #1 thing that can brighten your mood (and the mood of all those around you?)

A.  POSITIVE THINKING. It's powerful. Let's train your brain to find the good things!   

This 52-Week Gratitude Finder® Gratitude Journal is designed to help its holder look for things for which they are grateful. Its bright & cheery pages are the perfect placeholder for daily gratitude.

Choose from [19] cover styles:
(inside pages are the same inside each one)

  • Leo-POP!
  • Confetti Party
  • Seaside Goddess
  • Whimsy Doodle
  • Island Blooms
  • Gingham Navy
  • Rain-Boho
  • Preppy 'n' Pink Chevi
  • Beach, Please!
  • Super Girlie
  • Splash Happy
  • Chevi Chevron
  • Faith-Based Styles
    • Mercies New
    • Abundant Joy
    • Be Still
  • Adventure Series
    • Hang 10
    • Super Kiddo
    • Navy Polo
    • Go Team
  • EIGHT Assortments
    • Confetti Chevi Set:  Chevi Chevron, Confetti Party, & Preppy Chevi
    • Bloomin Rainbows Set:  Island Blooms, Splash Happy, Rain-Boho
    • Gingham Me More Set: Chevi Chevron, Confetti Party, Gingham Navy
    • Sugar & Spice Set: Island Bloom, Rain-Boho, Super Girlie
    • POP of Color Set: Preppy Chevi, Leo-POP!, Whimsy Doodle
    • Beach Babe Set: Beach, Please!, Island Blooms, Seaside Goddess
    • Faithful Heart Set: Mercies New, Abundant Joy, Be Still (Faith-Based Styles)
    • Super Surfer Set: Hang 10, Super Kiddo, Navy Polo (Boy-Centric Styles)

The Gratitude Finder® gets its name because when you set out to find the good (or bad), you always find it, right?  So set out to find the GOOD!  Its mission is to brighten thoughts and focus on the good people, experiences, places...every day!

This gratitude journal includes all of these amazing features:
  • Questions, quotes and prompts to prime the pump for positivity throughout your journal
  • Perpetual style layout so journal daily or as frequently as you wish. 
  • 52 weekly spreads with brilliantly colorful layouts
  • Each week has daily sections, three-lines for acknowledging good people or good experiences, "Words of the Week" quote bubble for jotting simple joys and a Random Act of Kindness (R.A.K.) section as a reminder even the littlest acts of kindness are kind of a big deal.
  • It's the perfect size to tuck in most handbags or backpacks so that it's convenient to jot a thought when moment moves you.
  • Laminated tabs and elastic enclosure to help you locate your current week easily
  • 165 hand-illustrated smile-provoking stickers to enhance any entry (177 stickers in Adventure Series)
  • Lots of bonus segmented quote bubbles that are just right size for a quick thought 
  • Water-resistant hardcover was designed to last a lifetime.  Referring to it regularly is so powerful!
  • Easily add photos, greeting cards, artwork using Pull & Place Strips (sold separately) to snap them into the coil.  

    Item Specifications:

    • Total sheets:  52 sheets + 4 laminated tabs
    • Sticker count:  165 assorted stickers (177 stickers in Boy-Centric styles)
    • Actual size:  8.75 x 6.75 x .5 inches 
    • Bindery:  White metal twin coil (Fits the Pull & Place Strips)
    • Weight:  13 oz.