Keepin'-Up with the Kids Bundle | SHIPS FREE!

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Great for your kids OR your grandkids. 

(Psst. Your daughters/daughter-in-laws will LOVE you!)

This Class Keeper® is a creatively compact, easy-to-use scrapbook that will help you & your child capture the good stuff from their school journey.  Using this keepsake binder and you'll create something that you both will enjoy having for years to come! 

Say buh-bye to all those bins!  May no bins of keepsakes ever exist!  (You know, like the bins our own parents gave to us that we don't know what to do with.)  Follow the simple guidelines and template pages of what to add and where to put it.  In the end, you will have a beautiful (compact) collection of “the good stuff” that you'll cherish for years.

The Ultimate Kid's School Keepsake Kit:
  • TWO Class Keeper® School Keepsake Binders (one of each style)
  • TWO First/Last Day of School Photo Prop Decks - Preschool thru College
  • TWO School Sticker Sets
  • ONE Year Access to the Class Keeper® App
  • TWO Earn & Learn® Chore Charts
  • TWO Gratitude Journals
  • TWO Pull & Place Strip Sets
  • Sorry, no substitutions.

But wait, now there's MORE!

  • Do you have oversized artwork or 3D masterpieces made of painted macaroni that just won't fit?
  • Do have 100s of photos you wish to commemorate before they get buried in the abyss of images on your phone?
  • Do you freeze when you have to compose a caption on a photo you post to social media for everyone to see...and gulp, judge?
  • Do you get frustrated searching for photos and can't seem to find them?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then you'll be thrilled to know there's a simple solution to all your woes.

As if the Class Keeper® couldn't get any better, it just did! Now there's a companion app to take your CK to the next level of power-momming!  The app is TOTALLY optional but highly recommended to use alongside your Class Keeper® Binder.

Class Keeper® Binder is Available in Two Styles:

  • Pastel Polka Dot
  • Primary Stripes