Why 'Orange Garbage Truck' is a Holiday Drinking Game I Never Want to Play Again

Why 'Orange Garbage Truck' is a Holiday Drinking Game I Never Want to Play Again

Delayed Christmas Gift

Last year, I ordered this orange garbage truck for my son Ledge for Christmas.

He was 4 years old.  I ordered it on Black Friday (your girl likes a deal), but it kept getting delayed, and delayed, and delayed again. 

Short story, Ledge did not get his orange garbage truck on Christmas. Nope, he was wandering the house looking for it though. Santa substituted a scooter, but it was no orange garbage truck.  To say he was excited for his orange garbage truck was an understatement.  (If we would've made a drinking game to sip each time he said "orange garbage truck," I might have been passed out until New Year's.)

Ledge with his favorite Orange Garbage Truck

It arrived on February 9, 2021. Who doesn’t want a truck for Valentine’s Day?

That is what I don’t want to happen to you. And I’m not letting it happen to me this year either.

I started my Christmas shopping mid-October! 

I know, it’s not even Halloween yet. But trust me, we have to order early if we want to have presents at all. According to CNN, Bloomberg, Business Insider, well, everyone, the shipping crisis this year is worse than last year. This means higher prices and fewer choices for us buyers. 

Per the White House, all big carriers like FedEx, and UPS will be working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to deal with the global supply chain bottlenecks.  Well, that is if they have personnel to work 24/7.  The labor shortage is a huge factor in all of this, too.

Despite extending hours to cover every day, all day, White House officials have warned that Americans could be seeing higher prices and empty shelves.

That means you’re going to pay more for what you might not want, just to have something under the tree. 

Why is this happening? 

Basically, the pandemic broke the supply chain. Now companies that ship all over the world are racing to recover, which could take years. The major retailers are contracting their own freightliners, which ultimately leaves fewer ships for the rest of us.  There just isn't enough cargo space to get goods to the US.  So merchants cannot get inventory to feed the need of holiday shoppers. 

Like not getting that custom ornament from Etsy shop owner Glacelis Gifts until July 2023. Yes, you read that right.  Not a typo...in TWO YEARS.

A gift is a gift, regardless. But feeling forgotten at Christmas? Not so good.

The future of gift-giving

So with prices skyrocketing for buyers and suppliers alike and shipping delayed till who knows when, what’s a girl to do? 

The answer, buy early.

(That or make my own Christmas gifts out of the leftover scrapbooking supplies I’m never going to use. No thanks, I’m busy enough.)

And maybe if you buy early enough, not only will you have presents but ummm, come December you’ll actually be DONE with shopping and dare I say, get to sit down?  I’ve heard about others doing that sitting thing.    

If you can, do it now!

We know it seems like the universe is out of balance to be surrounded by jack o’ lanterns and spider webs while you check the list for who’s been naughty or nice.

Holy Ship Shop NOW!

So to help you out, we are rolling out the BEST campaign we have ever done.

Right now, Gratitude Finders® and, well, everything on DeniseAlbright.com is 50% OFF. You just need to put at least 5 things in your cart, which is easy to do!

It’s our way of rewarding the early bird shoppers.  But we can’t offer this amazing rate for long. We just received the last of our holiday stock, so when they are gone, they are gone!

This is not a drill.

If you wait until Black Friday, you will be Ship Out to Luck.  (Like I was with my son’s orange garbage truck!  That wasn’t intended to rhyme, but I dig when it happens.)

We are calling it the Holy Ship, Shop Now Event. We thought the title should leave no room for interpretation. So here’s to knocking out those gifts early. 

Picture your future self this December. You’ll be sitting pretty sipping something festive, presents all wrapped and ready, while you watch all the last-minute Lucy's scrounge up what they can at the nearest gas station.

Now you’re an insider. Use this intel well.

Now go, GO!

PS: We’ve partnered with Feeding America! For every ten journals sold, you’ll be helping us feed a family in need this holiday season. 

PSS: If you want to avoid shipping issues altogether, you can meet us at the Southern Christmas Show in Charlotte, NC, November 11-21!  [Preview Night is November 10th]

Holy Ship, Shop NOW!

Heat or Eat

Southern Christmas Show

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