The Ultimate Kids' Gratitude Adjustment

The Ultimate Kids' Gratitude Adjustment

Sometimes connecting with our kids, especially our tweens, can be like helping your kids through Common Core Math Problems. In the end, there's an answer, but how to get there is unlike anything we've ever done before! #carrythe1forever

But what if I told you, you could connect with your kids AND help them learn to be more positive and grateful at the same time?

Check out simple, actionable guide to adjusting that attitude of gratitude so you and your kids can appreciate the good things despite the tornado of laundry chaos in the background.

  1. Hard Habit to Break

Kids crave routine.

They may fight you on the toothbrushing & the going to bed, but doing theFREE Kid's Gratitude Worksheet Digital Download same things daily, soon there were be less coercing and complaining and more doing!

Do the same with gratitude journaling. Figure out a time in your child's schedule when it makes sense. Perhaps it's just before starting homework or while munching on after school snack or maybe just after crawling into bed, whenever it is, encourage regularity.

Keep their fave writing utensil with their journal, too, so they don't lose momentum. Finding a pencil allllll the way in dad's office could take 47 minutes if they have to walk by their iPads. Those things have a magnetic force that draws them in.

Get them to journal for 18 days. Why 18? Studies show that new habits take form when repeated for at least 18 days. I'm trying this with my own boys, so I'll be eager to see how impactful it will be for them.

If it quells the arguing and complaining even just a little, I'll be stoked.

  2. Make it a CHALLENGE (like everything kids do)

FREE Kid's 31 Days of Gratitude Digital Download31 Day Gratitude Challenge!

It's all in how it's presented. They ignore the chore, but make it a CHALLENGE and it's GAME ON.

Psst. Then challenge them to 31 Days of making their bed, setting the table, straightening their room...are you pickin' up what I'm puttin' down?

FREE Kid's 31 Days of Gratitude Digital Download

  3. Make it a Heart-y Dinner.

Gratitude For the Whole Family!When you sit down to eat (I know what this takes to get you all at one table!), take the lead and consciously talk about your day in a positive way.

This will help your kids do the same.

Go around the table giving everyone the option to share something.

Dianne, a Gratitude Finder® fan, shared an amazing idea. After everyone in her family has the chance to chime in, they choose one to write in as an entry in a FAMILY gratitude journal.

Talk about a heartfelt keepsake that you'll treasure for decades!

Dianne got choked up when telling me about this idea when she thought about reading her family journal in a decade when her kids would likely be off to college.

  4. From the Inside Out

The ultimate goal is getting your kids to think positively about themselves, those around them and their lives.FREE 31 Days of Kindness Digital Download

A bright outlook is like a force field against anything that could've upset them in the past. It's like they are looking UP at things, seeing the cup as half full.

What's important to their journey is to help others see things in a positive way, too. Empower them to do & say kind things to others.

Introduce them to Random Acts of Kindness (R.A.K.) and how impactful their actions are on others. Teach them how uplifting a handwritten note to someone can be, too, especially in this digital age.

Try this Free Digital Download that gives them just the right amount of space to write a sweet note.  

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