Dad-Approved Gifts He'll LOVE this Father's Day!

Dad-Approved Gifts He'll LOVE this Father's Day!

"I have no idea what to buy for Father's Day." - Me literally every year since 2010.

I know I'm not alone here! Most men are just hard to buy for, in part because when they want something, they just go buy it. Unlike me, I'll actually share ideas & wishes weeks or months in advance so that he gets to feel like the hero who "got me just what I wanted."  

This year, I asked my hubbie to make an Amazon list of all the things he'd love to get both big and small. His picks cover delicious snacks, fitness tools, favorite clothes and some of his favorite activities that your favorite man will love, too!

For the Foodie

TRUFF Original Black Truffle Hot Sauce

Spice it up! This fancy hot sauce is an amazing addition to any meal whether it's mixed in to a recipe or drizzled on your morning eggs.

Traeger Grills Signature All-Natural Wood Pellets

He'd smoke meat every day if he could! These are his favorite pellets to give it a delicious flavor (& yummy summer-like aroma throughout the neighborhood!)

S&B Chili Oil with
Crunchy Garlic

We put this $#!% on everything! We prefer it best mixed into homemade ramen and sushi.

DAVID SEEDS Sunflower Seeds

Does he love something to "chew" while he's working outside or in? Chewing sunflower seeds will pacify his craving while proving to be a much healthier snack option than other choices he used to make, a-hem!

BIGS Vlasic Dill Pickle Sunflower Seeds

These dill pickle seeds offer a unique & satisfying flavor combo of tangy pickles & roasted seeds, providing a crunchy & savory snack that will take his taste buds to the next level!

For the Fisherman

Men's Ankle Deck Boat Fishing Boots

The only thing worse than cold feet are WET feet! That'll dampen the mood of any hike or fishing trip fast! Keep 'em dry and his spirits high with these waterproof, slip-resistant high-performance rubber boots. I love the dual loop to pull them on...that just makes sense!

HUK Men's Rogue
Wave Shoe

These waterproof deck boots are engineered for nastiest conditions. Which does beg the question why anyone would go outside when it's nasty...but maybe that makes him feel one with nature. And when the nature comes inside in the form of mud, these neoprene + rubber boots are machine-washable!

Rainbow Sandals

For the balmy beachfront fisherman, these are the most comfortable flip-flops he'll own. No matter how much he wears them, they can never be worn out thanks to Rainbow's Lifetime Guarantee! My hubbie has a pair in nearly every color...when you know you know!

For the Fit Fan

Gatorade Thirst Quencher Powder

Benefits the whole fam! We all want them to drink more water, right? Well, with a little added flavor, they will! Hubbie and the kids will dump a scoop in their water bottles for practice which makes it more enjoyable while replenishing electrolytes. We keep a pitcher of this in the fridge to keep us all hydrated and save a little cash. Self-serve Gatorade also means less packaging, too.

TheFitLife Exercise Resistance Bands

These are the perfect solution for at-home workouts WITHOUT the unsightly, cumbersome equipment crowding up your home. [Ask me how I know!] Not only do they provide a full body workout, but they are more versatile and portable than dumbbells allowing him to perform a wider variety of exercises and take his workouts with him wherever he go. Heck, sometimes, the change of scenery from the garage to the bonus room upstairs is enough to revitalize interest in working out.

Resistance bands are lower impact than weights, making them a great option for individuals with joint pain or mobility challenges.

For the Kid at Heart

ADDMOTOR Electric Trike

This may be the wildest option on this list, but doesn't it look like a good time? My hubbie is rounding 50 and has become more interested in his comfort than lookin' tough. The recumbent style, cushioned backrest and stable ride all add up to a smooth, comfortable ride for his mid-life self. Let's not forget it's motorized so there's no exerting oneself, either.

I'm thinking of adding a bell and maybe some stylie handlebar decor, too. I mean, if the trike fits, then might as well go all in!

Frozen Fun Pops

Who doesn't love a good frozen treat especially on those hot summer days? Our garage freezer is always well-stocked for the kids* in the neighborhood.  

In typical man style, there's a rope attached to a garage shelf, on which is tied a pair of scissors that dangle just above a trash can to catch the to top wrapper when you cut it open. I mean, it makes sense, right?

*of ALL ages.

For Comfort

Columbia Men's Terminal Tackle Hoodie

This hoodie checks all of my hubbie's non-negotiables when it comes to outerwear.
It's not bulky, there are no dangling ties to the hood (which btw, having a hood is also must-have), its material is quick-dry with UVA protection & "moisture management" technology included. #nosweating
And probably THE MOST important is that as a 6'7" man, he loves that it's also available in TALL sizes! So whether he's casting his pole or shooting a free-throw in the driveway with the boys, this sweatshirt is not riding up!
Tons of COLORS, too!

Hey Dude Wally Loafers

These double as his modern-man slippers. He literally has his "indoor" pair and his outdoor pair. Which is actually pretty brilliant since we are a no-shoes-in-the-house family.  
They are lightweight, super comfy and best of all, the cushy insole is removable & machine washable, too!

Sanuk Rounder Shoes

His first pair of Sanuks was a random purchase to have as "summer shoes" and now he owns 6 pair! He has his yardwork pair, a casual wear pair in a a few colors and his Sunday-best pair.
For the comfort, versatility and the price, these are a great addition to any man's shoe collection.

For the Techie

Tile Bluetooth Tracker Starter Pack

"Babe, have you seen my wallet?" "Can you call my phone?" Sound familiar? These Bluetooth tracking gizmos have saved us time and probably many arguments, too! Attach these tiles to their must-have items like their keys, wallet, luggage, etc. to save time and sanity when things are not put away where they should be...A-hem!  

For Both of You

Gracyoga Women's Comfy Pajama Pants

When I asked my hubbie to pull together this wish list I actually thought I must have accidentally added these pants. But then I remembered how much he loves them because of how my...assets look in them 🤣

They are my absolute favorite pants for daily wear because they have the feel of pjs while looking like I made some effort. Last I checked, I own 8 different styles. Seriously, can't recommend them enough!

Dad Pad® Man Planner

Shhh...this one is secretly a gift for you!

Always reminding/asking is exhausting...for both you AND your man.  Make it easy on both of you and write down his to-dos and tasks so that you can set it and forget it! He can check off what's done so that you can stop yelling, "Hey, Hon!" Instead you'll get to boast about how much your man gets D.O.N.E. all on his own, wink!

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