<center>Back to School | "Elmer's" For Moms to Keep it All Glued</center>

Back to School | "Elmer's" For Moms to Keep it All Glued

Back to school is a BIG MOMent for everyone in your family.  Whether this is your first’s first day away from home or your last’s final stretch of school, it’s an epic event in all your lives. As parents, we always want the best for our kids. But did you ever stop to think they get the best when we are at our best?

Kids pick-up our vibes, even when we think they aren’t paying attention. When we’re cool, calm & collected, they are, too. And who’s more teachable than a student who is relaxed & ready for the world?

Here are some helpful products to manage some of your tasks so you feel more organized & productive this school year. Ahhh. When you keep it all glued, you set the right tone in your household for everyone to be at their best, including you!

#1. Deck of First & Last Day of School Signs: Most Quintessential One-And-Done, Ever!

First & Last Day of School Signs

Capture the all-important first day with a darling chalkboard-like sign. No more guessing what year that photo was taken. Signs include preschool up to college including the last day version, too. This non-dated deck is all you’ll need for their entire school journey for your entire family.

TIP: Store them in a filing cabinet for your photo-capturing convenience without scrambling the night before downloading and printing signs.

#2. Class Keeper® Keepsake System Keeps Your Counters Clear

Class Keeper® School Memory Keepsake Album + App

Don’t let your kids grow-up to be jpegs. Once you’ve captured the first & last day photos, commemorate them on these easy-to-use templatized pages for 16 grades. Each grade has prompts for the important details, a full-size pocket for keepsakes and photo pages including one big enough to keep the 8x10 class photo.

Other features include a page to record their handwriting each year, a spread for wallet-sized photos to see their transformation in a single amazing view & a matching keepsake box to store it neatly on a shelf.

Psst...this Class Keeper® will eliminate the bulky storage bins hogging up your attic & garage space!

#3. Make it Cute & Eye-Catching with School Stickers

School Sticker Set to Match Your Class Keeper®

Your kiddo will feel the love getting a lunch note from you! Add a little flare to their note with stickers to make it extra special! Speaking of flare, use these stickers to adhere photos in your Class Keeper® instead of boring tape or adhesive. These school stickers are also ideal in making upcoming school events POP on your calendar or planner. No kid wants to be the kid* whose mom forgot it was school picture day!

*That one kid who’s wearing the rock concert t-shirt in the yearbook.

Set yourself up for success with stickers to make all the school things catch your eye. Choose from (2) sets, each set chock full of 400+ stickers for school-related events. Psst...stickers will make things eye-catching to your kids, too. You don’t have to be the only who remembers to pack the Field Day snacks. Stickers help kids help YOU!

#4. Say it With Me: "I am not a short-order cook!"

Meal Minder® Menu Planner

Back to school also means back to staggered meal schedules, too. Practices and after-school activities can throw a wrench in the plan to eat as a family, but it doesn’t mean you have to become a short-order cook to feed everyone when they need to eat. Nor do you have to compromise on providing healthy meals, either. When you map out the dinner plan each week and put it in plain view, everyone knows what’s on tonight’s menu. This will keep your teenager who’s heading to practice from wolfing down half a box of fruity puffs (aka empty calories) vs. filling up with the hearty meatballs you have hot & ready in the slow cooker!  

You’ll need a placeholder for your meal mindfulness. Like this one: The Meal Minder® Menu Planner Pad has 52 non-dated pages with sections for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and meal prep notes. The backside of each menu page is a grocery list to make your trip to the store a breeze!

TIP: Repurpose the back of last week’s meal plan to use for this week’s shopping list.

The backer is a reusable dry erase dinner menu board to post on your kitchen counter (right next to that slow cooker of meatballs!)

WARNING:  Posting this board has been known to eliminate the repetitive “What’s for Dinner, Mom?”  

#5. De-clutter Your Week, Ramp-up Productivity

Peek at the Week® Planner Pack

You’ve been stacking events in your planner all year. Looking at the week ahead in your planner, it’s hard to see what’s what sometimes! When your planner begins to look cluttered, it’s easy to overlook some event details.

SOLUTION: Create a “side worksheet” of your week. Pare it down to an organized view, with everything in its place. Highlight the appointments, prioritize the tasks and list your communication to-dos. You’ll be amazed how much this exercise of transferring weekly details from your planner to your weekly worksheet, will liberate your mind. Ahh...

To take paring to the next level, create a secondary view in the “mini” Peek at the Week® Pad that highlights the key events for each day. Make a weekly sheet for all your work events, wellness goals or one for each member of your family. When it comes to school-aged kids, putting practices or homework assignments in writing on a single, easy-to-read sheet, will spare you the nagging, err, reminding them what’s a priority!

Ready to do some paring? This bundle of TWO Peek at the Week® weekly planner pads is your ideal tool kit.

#6. Help Them, Help You with the Earn & Learn® Kid's Chore Chart

Earn & Learn® Chore Chart

Homework. If you’re helping them with their homework, then why not enlist your kids to help you with your home work? This is easier said than done...unless you speak their language:


Challenge (<<<also their language) your kids to EARN more screen time, treats, cash or maybe even points to redeem for something they want, by doing something YOU want done. Your child will be so excited to design their own rewards chart, you won't have to keep nagging, err, reminding them to get their chores done!

When kids use this FUN & EASY Earn and Learn® Kids Money Management Chore Chart to outline how their efforts will contribute to the “home team,” track their goals and practice using a simple bank register, they learn valuable life skills to earn an A+ in adulting! It’s a Win-Win!

#7. Uplifting Gifting for Teachers in a Single Click

Bundle of [5] Gratitude Finder® Journals

Skip the apples this year! These Gratitude Finder® Journals make the perfect back-to-school gift for your child’s teacher(s). Streamline your shopping and swoop this Bundle of [5] journals...and SAVE!

Fact: Teachers have a lot of love in their hearts but also, a lot on their shoulders and on their plates. That can be overwhelming to any human! Help them keep their positive outlook all year with a journal designed to prompt positive thinking!

Psst...Gratitude journaling is also a great activity for kids, too. It channels their thinking to find the good each day.

See ALL of the above as a collection here.

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