<center>9 Tips to Avoid the First Day Frenzy</center>

9 Tips to Avoid the First Day Frenzy

And a 5, 6, 7, 8!

The first day of school is like an unrehearsed dance. You're pushed on stage and no one is sure where to stand, let alone how to perform the next 8-count. One kid's backpack is still packed with last year's nubby pencils, another kid is glued to his iPad while he eats his cereal [no different than the last 60 days] and the other one is chomping at the bit to be the first one at the gate when it's finally unlocked like it's opening night for the new Star Wars movie.

With all this scrambling and attempts to orchestrate your crew, capturing that all-important first day of school photo can feel impossible.  

It seems like too much effort to try, but you know you'll be so happy to have that photo on the books! For weeks, social media will be flooded with first day photos from every other mom around the globe. Your kids can't be the only ones without this moment captured.

Let's do this.

Much like everything else, you just need to get one step, or one 8-count, ahead of the big day.

Here are 9 EASY Tips to help you capture these precious moments and still be present to remember them, too!

1. 'Twas the night before...

A common phrase in my home is "out of sight, out of mind."

On the night before the first day, put your signs out in plain view so that it's one less thing to scramble for in the morning mayhem.

Love the signs featured in the image? Get yours here.


Get the printable version to download and print last minute here!

Printable First/Last Day of School Sign Downloads    Printable First/Last Day of School Sign Downloads

2. A Shaded View

Lighting is key! Best lighting is natural light, so get outside.  

Find a spot that is in the shade like under a tree, on the covered porch or on the west side of your house that doesn't get the direct morning light. Avoid direct sunlight so that it's not too bright, too. Besides, you don't want them squinting (or complaining.)

Pro Tip: Scout out the spot the day before so that everyone knows the destination when you march them outside in the morn.

3. From Small to Tall!

Part of the fun of first day photos is being able to see them grow over the years. Take their photo near the same door, pillar or lamp post each year. Seeing their height relative to a familiar part of your home is so fun to see!  

Pro Tip: Remember to take their last day photo in the same place. You'll be amazed to see how much they grow in a single school year!

4. Sprout Up!

If you have a tree near you, snap their pic in front of it. Not only will the shade give you the perfect lighting, but it'll be cool to watch your child grow as that tree does! Every time you see that plant/tree, you'll be reminded of how it sprouted up along side of your child.

Growing up in PA, I remember doing hurdles over my parents' newly planted pine trees while we waited for the bus. Today, those trees tower above the telephone poles and we still tell the story of how I snagged the hem right out of my uniform skirt when I couldn't clear the 4th tree in the "course." Yes, I was running tree hurdles in a skirt. I was 10, it's what you did.

Pro Tip: Plant a tree around the summer before your child starts school and watch them both grow where they are planted!

5. All I want to do is a Zoom-Zoom...

You've already done all the heavy lifting...the kids are clean, the lighting is set & the photo shoot is underway!

Zoom in. Zoom out.

Get the full length shot and then zoom in to get that freckled face, toothless grin or tinsel teeth!


6. Hit Record

Unlike when we went to school, getting a video today doesn't involve a camera bigger-than-a-bread-box and giant boom mic. It's just a tap of a finger!

Tap record and ask your child a few questions. Ask them what they are going to be when they grow-up. Or what is the #1 thing they are most excited about in that school year.

Pro Tip: Be sure they hold their sign while they are answering so when you reiew it later, you remember what grade it was at first glance.

7. Get Their Sillies Out

Of course, you want the nice smile, facing the camera, holding the sign squarely in front of their chest, BUT...

They will have all day to sit nicely at their desk. Take the edge off the photo shoot and have them get a little goofy! When they do, snap that pic, too!

After all, that was the kid who was bouncing off your walls all summer!

8. ❤ Your Faves to Find it Fast

Do your future self a favor...

When you get THE shot, tap the ❤ below the image on your phone to mark it as your fave photo(s). That will automatically drop them into your favorites folder making SOOO much easier to find in the sea of 1000s of photos on your phone later. Whether you want to print it for your Class Keeper® binder or upload to your Class Keeper® app, you just saved yourself a ton a time! (Because once you start scrolling through photos, you know it's easy to lose hours!)

What's the Class Keeper®? Learn more here and then proceed to step #9!

9.   Do not pass go, Do not collect $200...

Class Keeper® App

Upload the photo to the First Day frame in your Class Keeper® mobile app! It only takes a few secs to navigate to your child's grade album and upload it, you'll be so glad you did!  

Make a habit of adding new memories to your app to stove off the guilt. Now's your chance to make-up for that empty baby book.

Now you're ready to conquer the first day of school! Well...mostly.

Speaking of conquering, want some FREE tools to help you manage the school year?

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